Halloween Custom Stage Contest: Results

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12:06 AM Nov 11 2010 2010
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Halloween Custom Stage Contest: Results
Here are the results of the first Halloween Custom Stage Contest.

1st: BAT by zae26 (23 votes)
2nd: ZELDA NES BAT by zork the crispy (9 votes)
3rd: Pumpkin Hill by ShadowYoshiGamerNerd (7 votes)
4th: jack-o-lanturn by lloydude09 (1 vote)

Not hacked
1st: BOO! by snag (19 votes)
2nd: SKULL by 42_ (11 votes)
3rd: Black Cat by _iFox7i_ (10 votes)
4th: Shandera 7235101 by IsmaR (8 votes)
5th: HAUNTED HAVOC by StarGalaxy777 (1 vote)
6th: JACKOLANTURN by jarvitz (0 votes)

Congrats to the winners!
The secret prize was a Halloween Contests Promo Card courtesy of me. Only the first place finishers will get them, everyone who entered will get a small prize though.
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