WTU #20 Results

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9:51 PM Feb 17 2011 2011
Kill It With Fire!
Joined: Apr 2009
Invinciboy is a programmer for the site.Invinciboy has provided valuable testing services for the website.Invinciboy wants to pour gasoline on Kirby and set it ablaze!Invinciboy has referred new users to the site.Invinciboy wrote a blog entry that was featured on the site!Invinciboy made significant contributions to all areas of the website!Invinciboy did something funny.Invinciboy impressed a staff member by doing something smart.Invinciboy helped a member with a problem.Invinciboy keeps people entertained by hosting fun events.Invinciboy participated in the Karaoke Contest!Invinciboy has an eye for classic game sprites and a head for modern gaming's legacy.

WTU #20 Results
Featured user: KikiRukata

Answers: 1. December 30, 2009
              2. Toon Link
              3. Baby Daisy
              4. Writing, reading, and/or roleplaying

Winners: New- Ivy73, Raptorking2000, and R.F.G
             Old- Raffi-X and Blue Yoshi

Not bad, not bad. Congrats to the winners, and I hope you all continue your participation! ^^

11:07 PM Feb 17 2011 2011
Joined: Aug 2010

OMG i gotz #4 wrong cuz I had no idea what it was asking XD
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