Sheamus answered some questions sent to him by kids in WWE Kids Magazine. XD

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3:05 PM Mar 4 2011 2011
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Sheamus answered some questions sent to him by kids in WWE Kids Magazine. XD
Your questions his answers!
WWE's newest King of the Ring, Sheamus, steps off his throne to talk about his spiky hair, his historic WWE Title reign, and why he's no longer so angry!

Q: What match for you has been a dream come true so far?
A: Undoubtedly, taking on Triple H at WrestleMania XXVI. The Game was someone I idolized growing up, before I became a WWE Superstar. He was brutal and relentess, kind of like I am today. But it was amazing to be in the ring with him on the grandest stage of all. I am very proud of that match.

Q: If you could rename The Nexus anything you wanted, what would you call them?
A: I don't have time to name that silly group. I look down on them, I pity them. In my time in WWE, I achieved greatness on my own. The Nexus needed a group to earn what little success they've had. They don't deserve a nickname.

Q: How do you make your red hair so spiky?
A: I use a secret mix of hair glue and tree sap. It's a Celtic tradition. Old warriors spiked their hair up with tree sap. It's true! The body of a Celtic warrior was recently discovered in Ireland and his hair was spiked straight up like mine. So I keep the tradition alive, and just add a little gel.

Q: What was it like becoming the first Irish-born WWE Champion? Twice?
A: It was amazing! The WWE Championship is the greatest Title in the world and it's something I've always wanted! Winning it the second time was even better, though, 'cause it proved that it wasn't a fluke, that I truly am a Champion.

Q: Since you're both Irish, are you and Hornswoggle related?
A; No, I hate that tiny little fella. He disgusts me. Did you see what I did to him at Bragging Rights? Clearly we're not even friends! I mean, he's a leprechaun. He's a joke. He represents everything I hate and everything that goes against what it means to be truly Irish.

Q: What do the letters "L-A-O-C-H" on your trunks mean?
A: They spell out the Gaelic word for "warrior" or "champion." That's what I am. I'm the Celtic Warrior, and I'm a WWE Champion, It was like I predicted my own future the day I put on those trunks.

Q: Everyone teases me because I'm so pale. What do you say to people who make fun of you?
A: First of all, people know better than to make fun of me. They take one look at how strong and mighty I am, and they know I'm not to be toyed with. But I love being pale. Us pale fellas are not like everybody else. Everyone else is boring. Being different is so much better than being just like everyone else. So embrace who you are and be proud that you look like the Celtic Warrior!

Q: You're making alphabet soup. What's the first word you spell on your spoon?
A: N-O-T-H-I-N-G. I would never eat alphabet soup. Ever. Could you picture Sheamus, WWE's King of the Ring, a two-time WWE Champion, going through the grocery store and plucking a can of alphabet soup off the shelf? What a ridiculous notion -- letters made out of noodles! Next question, please.

Q: Are you excited to see your first Sheamus action figure? I hear it's the palest action figure WWE's ever made!
A: Definitely! I have both the Basic Series and Flex Force action figures on a shelf at home. The moment I saw the first figure, I took it out of the box and had Sheamus pin Drew McIntyre with one foot. My action figure made a great Christmas present, too. I sent dozens back to Ireland to all the people who told me I'd never succeed.

Q: For 24 hours straight, you have to either be dressed as Goldust, or listen to The Miz talk about himself. Which do you choose?
A: I'm not even answering this one. What a terrible question.
Q: If you get to WrestleMania XXVII, what would be your ideal match?
A: Competing against Undertaker for the WWE Championship -- no, for his streak. He's 18-0 now, but I'd love to give him his first 'Mania loss. Truth be told, I'm the only man who can. He's never faced a Superstar as strong and unforgiving as I am. Defeating him at 'Mania would be my ultimate goal. I'd go down un history as the only man who could stop Undertaker. That would b huge.

Q: You always look so angry. What actually makes you smile?
A: What do you mean I look angry? I'm always smiling lately, especially after winning King of the Ring! Accomplishments and achievements are what truly make me smile, and I resent that you haven't noticed the absolutely charming grin on my face these past few months.

The Mega Question
Q: If aliens arrived on planet Earth, what's the first thing you'd say to them?
A: "It's pretty sunny here. Want to borrow some SPF 100?"
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