when do you use a reflector??

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11:18 AM Mar 9 2011 2011
People Know Me
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when do you use a reflector??
(not when ur trying to reflect anything)

I use it like to push awayor space out cuz of its long range, and sometimes like if its on the floor i phantasm if they fell
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2:22 PM Mar 9 2011 2011
Sand Crab
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It works quite well when you do it after lag cancelling a laser. That way you can reflect anyone who tries to reflect you, and you can make your opponent fall over from impact, giving you some extra time.
10:28 PM Aug 3 2011 2011
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When Falco is using like, you know when you tap A then swing his wings. After they go a bit of distance, surprise them with the reflector. That's what I do.
9:58 PM Aug 5 2011 2011
Spread the Love
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Spacing, use the reflector sparingly or u will get punished for it
10:32 PM Sep 19 2011 2011
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I use it when on the ledge.

To be precise i just kind of throw it out there after dropping from the ledge and immediately jumping back on stage with the reflector. Hope I'm not being vague
3:28 PM Sep 20 2011 2011
MC Chris
Joined: Aug 2011

i'll usually use if it if and when i mess up my chain grab so they dont get that f-smash on me >:3
6:46 PM Oct 4 2011 2011
Tons of Damage
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same as Zanryo lol, and occasionally I do it in the air when I space it right. In the air you won't be punished because you can drift away, and the rare times I've used it, it has shown itself useful, actually ...
7:24 PM Oct 4 2011 2011
Eternal Mangekyo Zebra
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do what the noobs do and use it after jab
7:38 PM Oct 4 2011 2011
The Very Best
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You should use it when characters like link, TL, and snake when they throw a bomb. And ice climbers walking blizzard.
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12:54 PM Feb 21 2012 2012
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If your a noob, use it after your jab, as some characters have longer hitstun and won't be able to shield it.

Its a good bonus on your hits, usually. Just don't spam it.
2:31 PM Mar 14 2013 2013
Joined: Mar 2013

It's great in the air! It messes up a lot of air gimmicks, and it can also really help with edge guarding. Plus, when you use it in the air, you can drift a bit so as not to get punished, and even with a short hop reflector, the reflector usually finishes it's ending lag around the time when you reach the ground again. So being able to drift with that in mind helps preventing punishment.

Of course, this is all assuming that you're using it sparingly and not spamming it every single time. No n00b sp4mz0rs xP
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