SSBB Custom Battle Portraits: HELP! (SOLVED) - I have no idea how to fix my problem! :O

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6:23 PM Apr 5 2011 2011
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SSBB Custom Battle Portraits: HELP! (SOLVED)
I opened up BrawlBox v0.63d:

Then I opened InfFace091.brres (the battle portrait of the original palette of Captain Falcon):

 format: RGB5A3
 width: 48
 height: 56
 lvl of detail: 1 
 has palette:

I opened up Gimp to make my Battle Portrait. The settings for the Portrait are the following:

I clicked File>Open as Layers to find the CSP (character selection portrait) of Melee Captain Falcon. I re-sized the CSP and moved it  around so only the head of Falcon would show. Then I clicked on layer>layer to image size:

I right clicked the layer that had Falcon and clicked on Merge Layer:
                   BEFORE                                       AFTER 
I saved it as a PNG:

I opened up BrawlBox again to replace the Battle Portrait. I made sure I did everything right with the Battle Portrait I made earlier. The only thing I changed was the number of colors, 160:

I pressed Okay and saved the file. I closed BrawlBox. Later I opened BrawlBox and the exact same file.

Wait, what?! Why does it look like that?? Is it supposed to? If it's not... I have no idea what I did. D:
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8:56 PM Apr 5 2011 2011
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Ive had the same exact problem when i was using GIMP. Only i was doing somthing with lebron . I couldnt figure out what on earth I did wrong, I really do wish I could help you but I myself didn't know why it did that....

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5:41 AM Apr 6 2011 2011
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Hmmm.. maybe it has to do with Gimp? icon_neutral  @McQ  Are you still having this problem?
10:42 AM Apr 7 2011 2011
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It's probably BrawlBox, unless changing Captain Falcon's portrait is the only problem, then that's probably the file itself; otherwise it's just BrawlBox.

You could try changing the image format to CMPR, if it works. If it doesn't, try changing the palette format to another RGB format, which I know there's multiple RGB formats there, but try all of them to see if it works. Did you try clicking recommend too? xD

You could also check if your GIMP files are indexed, which BrawlBox has a hard time reading. It's best to index the image temporarily, such as indexing it and going back to RGB so BrawlBox doesn't end up reading the indexed file, lol.
1:28 PM Apr 7 2011 2011
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I'm pretty sure Gimp isn't the problem. I made a CBP with Photoshop CS5.... same problem. I clicked "recommend" this time... same thing. lol 
I tried the CMPR format, and I just want to make sure: Does CMPR include a palette? Other than that, CMPR works perfectly! icon_biggrin  Too bad that format is low quality... seriously, I see a speck green on Falcon's helmet O_O   Thanks!
4:52 PM Apr 17 2013 2013
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