Favorite Dance?

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Favorite Dance?
Soulja Boy (81)
Tango (35)
Electric Slide (49)
The Macarena (37)
Pop-n-Lock (36)
Kirby Dance (241)
Car Wash baby! (21)
The Sprinkler (29)
The Super Happy I have IceCream and You don't Dance (87)
Numa Numa (125)
3:14 AM Aug 15 2011 2011
I Know Where You Live
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numa numa icon_biggrin
my initials spell b-a-d
8:00 PM Aug 15 2011 2011
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Quote (originally posted by Edward Nigma):
Favorite Dance?

Vote here!

ice cream P:
ITS OVER 9000!¡!¡!
3:57 AM Jan 12 2012 2012
Parace L.sia
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LMAO! Pop & Lock.
12:07 PM Feb 4 2012 2012
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Kirby dance is classic, epic, and super.
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