How to play on Basic Brawl with two people on the same Wii?

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4:17 PM Jun 8 2011 2011
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How to play on Basic Brawl with two people on the same Wii?
I know its possible and I've seen it done. I have to install Homebrew or something I think. How do I & what do I need to install it? Will it mess up my Wii or computer?
1:29 AM Jun 12 2011 2011
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You don't need the Homebrew Channel. You just need two controllers and you're good to go. When you go to Brawl, if the second remote is on, then it will be registered. And you can battle your friends all you want!
7:29 PM Jun 12 2011 2011
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I think he means online icon_razz Wich I think isn't possible.
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10:36 AM Jun 16 2011 2011
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Online play of a hacked version of Brawl is only possible if both people have the same hack iirc.
8:52 PM Dec 13 2011 2011
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Kinda new to this but.. Yeah, you have to hack your wii in order to do that. Players that join your room don't have to have to code for it to work. There are hacks for multiplayer basic brawl and team battle. 

I just went on youtube and googled how to download homebrew and hack my wii.  icon_razz You have to install Homebrew, and then download a program that loads codes. (I use Riivolution) and then put the  code below, on your SD card, and then you can play basic brawl multiplayer! 
Hope I helped ..  
-Credit to Phantom Wings for the code..

WITH ANYONE - Basic Brawl Multiplayer [Phantom Wings]
4A000000 90180B44
38000000 00FF1000
10000000 0000000C
*Must be host. (Other players have to join your game, instead of you joining theirs)
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9:28 PM Dec 13 2011 2011
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Get 2 wiis and get on wifi and do it that way.
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