A Summary of Our Progress - As of June 19, 2011

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11:32 PM Jun 16 2011 2011
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A Summary of Our Progress
Week 1: Doubles Tourney

We attempted to enter the Election's Double Tourney, unfortunately, due to the distance between me and Pavel, Ohio to Mexico, combined with the distances of the teams we were to face, this was impossible for us since this would cause us infinite lag in our matches.

So we had to be disqualified from the tournament, placing 7th place and leaving us with 0 points. Luckily, we were able to make up for that next week.

Week 2: Profile Decoration

Pavel and I discussed a "shape" of some sort, made of different images of our characters put together, with different sections of the combined shape we call "Tower of Black Star 493", linking to different songs and video relating to the section, such as Star Fox music for Fox and Falco pics and openings from Mario and Sonic's different cartoons/anime for their respective pics.

Our tower won us first place in the event and gave us 100 points, entirely making up for our disqualification in the Doubles tourney last week.

Week 3: Ad Competition

Both of us basically decided to make "billboards" of some sort, speaking of our goals that we plan to give this site when we win the election. At the very same time, semi-related, I launched my original 16-Bit song "Spatial Justice of the Heroes", to assist us in projecting our goals through this site, further.

The work was long and crucial, but it was still able to hold its own. However, it all wasn't good enough to warrant a 1st place prize, so we got 2nd place and 60 points, instead.

Week 4: Smash Trivia

For some reason, Pavel was unavailable at the time the Trivia event started, so I had to go alone for this one. Much fortunately, I was still able to win Smash Trivia by with 10 questions answered correctly. I answered a few semi-obscure questions I didn't think I would get.

Hint: I haven't played Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn in about two years, and I was able to get a question right relating to that game and how it's featured in Brawl. Go figure.

This gave us another 100 points, but I would've preferred this to happen as a team. Oh well... Maybe next time...

So now that leaves the Popular Vote for Week 5. We currently have a grand total of 260 points, which is currently the highest amount of points anyone has has ever achieved in this entire election. Thus, we're in the lead.

If my calculations are correct, we're already destined to win the election, even if we don't get at the very least 3rd place in the Final Popular Vote, even if someone else were to win the 100 point prize, we would still be in the lead. To be fair, I could use an update on everyone else's current scores to compare them to ours, and see how close they are to us.

But even at that, I do NOT wish to judge things completely. For all I know, this could all turn around on its head in the very last second, so hope nothing bad or stupid happens that would ultimately throw our ticket right out of the election, and make all of our hard work null and void.

For example, watch out for anyone who might try to sabotage our lead, both our opposing campaigns, and their supporters, as well as everyone else not aligned with any campaign that would try to strike against us and only us. I think I know a few members here who would attempt this, and I am more than ready to strike back at them.

This also includes any harsh corruption of our own goals, as I've recently found out. I'll make sure they're disposed of, too, as well as the people responsible depending on who they are.

Thank you, supporters, for still sticking with us even by now, and, through the Final Popular Vote, make sure that the duo of Carls493 & Black (Shooting) Star - Pavel wins the All is Brawl 2011 Election 110%!
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7:40 AM Jun 17 2011 2011
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AbsoluteZer0Nova gathered a group of friends and took down staff in a crew battle.

Carls493 & Black Star - Pavel FTW! Oh and nice to see you guys are still on your guard and not underestimating your fellow candidates.

2:19 AM Jun 19 2011 2011
Almost Famous
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haha keep it going my friends. you guys shall bring victory back home!
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