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11:24 AM Jun 26 2011 2011
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Further Description of Our Card
As most of you may know, before the Final Popular Vote could occur, this Card Creation event had to happen first. I will explain all the details about our card: "Strength of Friendship".

- I am mainly the one that created this card, while Pavel gave me some advice on what to improve on it, such as changing the pic of Fox and the Landmaster I have here, which was originally different. I was also planning to give the bottom of the card a line-like texture, but the one I used would make it to hard to see the text, among other tweaks.

- The reason I have the points are so high is because I wanted the number to relate to Star Fox. "715" is actually "714 + 1", with 714 meaning 7/14, meaning July 14th, the original Japanese release date of Star Fox 64 3D, the most recent game in the Star Fox series.

- I am also treating the card like a Final Smash Card, since it features the Landmaster. Said Final Smash cards tend to be Ultra Rare or higher.

- Since making the card is part of the election, I framed the outline of it with the American flag itself. I luckily still had the renders to All is Brawl's logo, so I used one of them with the American Ring/Ribbons combo.

- Since this was a special card, I decided to make it more special by turning it gold. Special rare cards tend to be either gold, holographic, or something else. Don't expect me to do this all the time, though.

- I chose the name "Strength of Leadership", because the card contains Fox on it, who is the leader of Star Fox, with great dedication to his team and his successful goal of being a great leader to them.

So that's all, for now. We tend to focus on Mario & Sonic, and how their fans should get along like friends like they do in the Olympic games, but now we decided to focus on Fox instead like we should have done at the beginning.
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2:07 AM Jun 27 2011 2011
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Amazing Card. ✰
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