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7:39 PM Aug 11 2011 2011
Italian Falcon
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Introdcution Thread
If your new here you can post a sentence or two about yourself here, such as what you like, who you play with and etc.

Anyway hello i'm Falcon creator of the community, I tend to play Mario Kart Wii for fun as well as host Mario Kart Wii Tournaments on Allisbrawl, so if you have a question or want to play me just send me a message or leave me a shout-out.

7:49 PM Aug 11 2011 2011
Shado Chimera
Joined: Jan 2011

i go by Assassin or Vanguard, ppl actually usually just call me Shado anyway. X) ive recently decided i shudnt take mkw srsly anymore but have fun insted =3 ill mostly join falcons tournys
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9:38 PM Aug 11 2011 2011
Joined: Oct 2010

What up y'all. I go by S-BLAZE, The S part is my first name, Every one calls me BLAZE for short though, That comes from moving so fast on the track. I'm Black, I'm straight as in heterosexual. I live in Philadelphia, murder capital.

I've been playing mario kart since I was 4. I had super mario kart for the snes, And my saga began. I main Birdo, Gender confusion, I know. But his attributes give me a better edge, I personally prefer mini-turbo over speed. Due to my flawless drift spamming. I Like Karts better and have karted to 9999 vr before bikes took over. I can use both karts and bikes though.

I also use Toad, Dry Bowser, King Boo. I'm not too known in the MKW world, But I get alot of praise around this site. I would just say im more experienced and have a better understanding of the game than others. I also own the Evening races, Morning battles group, so check the times on that.

Well...anything else, hit me up.

I also realized...I can put this in my About Me...but im too lazy.
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11:44 AM Aug 12 2011 2011
Joined: Jan 2011

An introduce myself.

Hi i'm Miu Izato and i'm from Puerto Rico(P.R. for short) and what i like is to play retro games like the one from Nintendo's Virtual Console Service (Nah i don't buy, i just use emulators)

I like Mario Kart Wii that its too good and even have 2 version of it that means i can hold up to 8 different FC's to add randoms. I'm most know for recording Falcon's tournaments series which can be easily found on youtube.

I play with karts cuz these are simple to use and the best if it comes to something like GCN DK Mountain but also use mini bikes when i'm angry but i sux at them so i don't use often.

And finally i use texture hacks, yes those that make a course to look diferent, anyways i stop writing useless things here. The FxD comunity is growing at flat rate of 75 ^y^.
My database for all MKWII texture hacking:
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