Meta Knight is Finally banned in the Us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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4:09 PM Oct 14 2011 2011
Almost Famous
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Zebra, I do assume it will be re-banned. However, what co18 did to me was not an infinite, nor were infinites legal at the time. I am not sure what that question has to do with my point, however.

And if by, "never did" you mean, "have not done so in the past three weeks" then sure.
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10:00 PM Oct 14 2011 2011
Eternal Mangekyo Zebra
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I've talked with Bizkit about this issue before but the unity seems pretty stubborn on this for some reason......idk how they can even allow that rule with ANY logic lol.
10:03 PM Oct 14 2011 2011
Sol Diviner
I Voted
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When talking about the unity in SWF, you're talking about power trips who believe their words are higher in authority than the smash community as a whole. That's how I view them, anyway.
9:14 AM Oct 16 2011 2011
Lil Fudge Mane
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6month to a year from now, next char ban shall start prob diddy or ics if ppl start mastering his single naner locks.
or more ppl play ics.
2:17 PM Oct 16 2011 2011
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Banning mk is so fail for u,
2:42 PM Nov 3 2011 2011
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i have a solution to the whole debate... just play melee
9:32 PM Nov 22 2011 2011
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Why ban MK? It's not like this will make Brawl a balanced game and make all your favorite characters tournament worthy. I mean this will have a huge impact on competitive play for sure but not so much that's it's worth robbing people of their main...

Not that I care. Just sayin.
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10:25 PM Nov 22 2011 2011
NDJ Hype
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I love Meta Knight him and Kirby are the best in the game but I don't really play ssbb nomore because the 3ds icon_wink
11:08 AM Dec 1 2011 2011
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Quote (originally posted by melee43vr):
i have a solution to the whole debate... just play melee

8:49 PM Feb 14 2012 2012
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The whole thing has me at 50/50, on one end I like the idea of my lower-level main having a competitive shot at winning, but on the other hand it doesn't erase the fact that Brawl doesn't have the balance character set that it should have.
1:39 PM Feb 17 2012 2012
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metaknight is cool in my opinion
if you cant beat hin thats your fault icon_wink
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