predictions for The metagame

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5:18 PM Nov 19 2011 2011
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predictions for The metagame
explain why too

(mine are about a year later and in no order)

fox dropes after people reliaze he doesn't stack up like falco

dr. pp shows how much you can lock everything down as falco to a new level

people ride Armada's D***, peach goes no where

marth drops; lack of players and sheild pressure

sheik waits for new players or kk to do some cool stuff as a top/high level player

captain falcon dash dances

ice climbers step it up after fly/wobbles are in another crew battle like genesis 2

leffen makes yoshi a joke or much higher

YL hype dies, H-box has this

mario drops more somehow after mango proving mario is just terrible

axe hypes pikachu but shows nothing new only improves

shroomed does well, only note worthy

puff stays underhyped with only h-box being a boss

masterhand is banned more, more people want him to be used, mostly srcubs

Kage is a warrior, not Gannon so he can't rise

Comso proves zedla>m2

taj proves m2>zedla

DK hype increases

ness players lose faith

smashboards trolls outclass mods

crush is
face of trolls, smashboards is a place of depression

chok rocks the disco room like it's 1975

Pichu takes a massive step forward, I got this and unknown is amazing

Mango is missed as he trains in some space ship with 100 Gs of gravity

you guys get the idea
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6:32 AM Nov 29 2011 2011
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2:41 PM Nov 29 2011 2011
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Load master apples obey? I don't understand
4:47 PM Nov 29 2011 2011
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Anyway, Luigi will go up a bit.
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