$9 left to spend on 3DS eShop

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2:39 AM Feb 10 2012 2012
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$9 left to spend on 3DS eShop
Anyone have any suggestions on  decent games/apps on the 3DS?  I bought it in December and never owned a DSI.

I currently have:
Mario Vs DK (Free from Club Nintendo)
LoZ: 4 Swords (Free)
Xevious (Free)
Plants Vs Zombies
Switch Force
Army Defender
Undead Storm
Inchworm Animation

I cant complain about the free games, and Mario Vs DK isn't too bad.  Kind of wish i got the game card for PVZ (1st time playing it), but idk if double the price is worth the extra game modes.  Army Defender and Undead Storm are pretty good for $2.  I didnt really like Zenothia and Switch Force, though i plan on getting my moneys worth out of them at least.  The animation app is pretty decent for what it is from an animators perspective.  I dont have to worry about carrying around animation paper or a laptop and tablet if i plan on working on tests/want to kill time.

Currently looking at:
Earthworm Jim (I remember playing this ages ago and thinking it was pretty fun, but i wonder if it ages well)
Mr. Driller (Looks entertaining but it seems like it gets tedious)
Cave Story (Lots of hype though i would need to add at least $5 more and be left with 4 something afterward)
Pushmo (Another hyped game)
Sakura Samurai (Looks pretty decent)
Art Academy: 1st Semester (Could get it for free, just need to dig out more registration pins from my old nintendo games)

Any one have any suggestions on the ones currently listed or not?

4:23 AM Feb 10 2012 2012
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If you enjoy classics, Metroid II and Bionic Commando are great. So is Zelda: Link's Awakening.

Also, VVVVVV is fun and has one of the best 8-bit soundtracks ever created.

The ones you're currently looking at... meh.

EDIT: Oh, and though I haven't tried it, Bomberman looks sweet.
6:17 AM Feb 10 2012 2012
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I was thinking about Link's Awakening. Though i played it a bunch of times on the ... GBcolor? I dont even remember. I wonder if the bomberman is similar to the WiiWare one. I picked that one up ages ago.

I still have no idea what VVVVVV even is.
6:36 AM Feb 10 2012 2012
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