What's your favorite Capcom franchise?

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What's your favorite Capcom franchise?
1:26 AM Sep 10 2008 2008
Ho Ho Ho
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What's your favorite Capcom franchise?
What's your favorite Capcom franchise?

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1:36 AM Jan 30 2009 2009
= ' ^ ' =
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GOG is a super moderator for the site.GOG is way, WAY, too in love with the game Okami.GOG feels the power of the auraGOG is connected in the Six Degrees of Smash web.GOG did something funny.GOG impressed a staff member by doing something smart.GOG helped a member with a problem.GOG has referred new users to the site.GOG is a furry. This user is a friend to animals everywhere, is willing to spend $1000+ on a mascot fursuit in which to parade around, and is the problem with the world. Secretly, this user is an animal, but pretends to be a human when spotted by one.GOG has an eye for classic game sprites and a head for modern gaming's legacy. GOG gathered a group of friends and took down staff in a crew battle.

Mega Man.
I also like Street Fighter and Ace Attorney.
2:01 AM Feb 22 2009 2009
Blue Ninjakoopa
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Blue Ninjakoopa did something funny.

Magical Tetris Challenge

2:33 AM Mar 18 2009 2009
The Very Best
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Anything with the Blue Bomber!!
Darkstalkers series is gud
Dat Morrigan Aensland is sumthin' (φ.φ)
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