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7:13 PM Oct 2 2008 2008
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Deleted scenes
Here are some extra scenes of Ken that weren't shown for those who didn't know. 

Episode 1:
Ken discusses his alliance with Michelle(Why does it say "Kelly aligns with Michelle?"):
Ken compares the competitive gaming scene to Survivor (1:03 - Sandbagging reference??):
Ken discusses his fear of Gillian's, Dan's, and Randy's alliance:

Episode 3:
Fang celebrates their first win:

Episode 4:
Krystal hates the Fang tribe:
Ken explains why Sugar was sent to Exile Island:

Thanks to Suyon for providing us with these.
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9:07 PM Oct 2 2008 2008
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*looks at first video's title*

...Kelly!? icon_eh
9:16 PM Oct 2 2008 2008
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Mindgames. He just explained them.
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9:58 PM Oct 2 2008 2008
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epic mindgames
10:57 PM Oct 2 2008 2008
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*edits* ajkldhbnjkrthkasdfjsdfsklfhajklsdfhajklsdfhl this post means nothing
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12:51 AM Oct 3 2008 2008
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5:19 PM Oct 26 2008 2008
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Jonas did something funny.

I'm too ____ hungry for the mindgames.

Anyway, does anyone else think that Ken is beginning to look like a pirate with his beard and his bandana?
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7:37 PM Nov 2 2008 2008
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Quote (originally posted by Poltergust):
*looks at first video's title*

...Kelly!? icon_eh

Mind games, lol.
9:21 PM Nov 20 2008 2008
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ken has way too many mindgames!!! it's awesome he's my hero xD

2:38 PM Dec 14 2008 2008
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Sorry I stopped posting these. Reason being is that you can find these deleted scenes here and come out before they are posted on youtube.
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