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9:53 AM Sep 15 2009 2009
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DUCKAtl is a troll. Please ignore anything said by this user.

how do you check what channel ur router is on?

9:37 PM Sep 15 2009 2009
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Looks like Dave forgot this website...

Look for your router there if you are having problems, and post again if you need more help.

As for how to find your router's channel...
I need to know what kind of router it is quite frankly.

Google is your friend, you guys might need to do a little research!
The only think I can think of if it is not obvious on your router set-up screen is that your router is permanently on auto-channel or it only has one channel (unlikely... not sure if it even exists!).
8:40 AM Sep 18 2009 2009
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DUCKAtl is a troll. Please ignore anything said by this user.

i have an at&t 2wire
11:08 AM Oct 26 2009 2009
Shoes Magoo
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I'm attempting to log into my router. Neither the IP nor Default Gateway address work. I keep getting the "Problem Loading Page" screen. I've reset my router and tried all the defaults such as,,,, and I tried going Tools>Options>Network Settings>moved from "no proxy" to "auto detect". Script execution time is set to 1080 on the "about:config" menu. I'm using Windows XP 2002, Firefox, Linksys NR 041 Wired router. No software is installed for the router. All of the above comes from searching google and the Linksys forums.

Thanks in advance for anyone who can shed some light here.

Edit: My router is not on portforward.

Edit #2: Okay so I somehow overlooked the fact that I had been using the wrong ports on my router, although i'm not sure how I managed to even connect to internets with this being the case. In addition, I had to unplug the router and modem, turn off the pc, plug everything in, power cycle the modem after plugging in the router, and I have now reached the goal of logging in to the router. Cheers.
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2:06 PM Oct 26 2009 2009
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Awesome topic.
3:18 PM Oct 26 2009 2009
Shoes Magoo
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After logging into the router, I don't seem to be able to view or
change the channel on my setup. has a
link to dl the latest firmware, but the link will not work. Guess i'll
just have to wait until it does?

I also cannot find a place to view or change the SPI firewall settings.
Perhaps this can be remedied with the dl of the latest fimware? Again,
I may just have to wait (or get a newer router).

In the adv. setup there is a tab for Forwarding. Clicking it takes me
to the UPnP Forwarding screen, which has preset applications (all
filled out) and 5 customizable applications (which are blank). Below
there is a View Port Range Forwarding button - which brings me to a
screen with 10 customized applications (which are blank), and a Port
Triggering button - which opens a pop-up menu with 10 applications,
four of which are in use and the rest blank. These 10 in the Port
Triggering menu only have Trigger Port Range and Incoming Port Range
fields, and no fields for IP address, Enable, or Protocol TCP and UCP,
while the UPnP Forwarding and View Port Range Forwarding screens do
have all of the above listed fields.

It's a bit confusing since the instruction on the guide here was to
"Click the Port Forwarding/Triggering tab", but I'm thinking the 10
blank customizable applications in Port Range Forwarding are the ones I
need to use for these. Is this correct?

Edit: I called tech support, who told me that the error message I am receiving is a result of the firmware on my router being current. Strange since i've never dl'd any, but oh well. The next thing they told me was that since the warranty on the router has expired they could not answer any further technical questions. For $29.95 I could get a one time service or for some other fee I could get 6 months worth of warranty extension. Scoff. I've found a lot of info about changing the wireless channel on the support site, but nothing for a wired router. The search continues.
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1:44 PM Oct 31 2009 2009
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Glad to see you could at least log in.
Most routers have in-depth guides posted on
Sadly, it seems your Router is either very new or a type not many people have, because it is not listed there.

As for Forwarding vs Triggering.
Yes, you generally need to use the customizable slots for forwarding, not triggering.

SPI firewall truthfully is much less important than simply opening the ports for the Wii.

The other option to forwarding is to create a Default DMZ server, which is basically the same thing as port forwarding except it opens every port to the specified IP. Some routers have this option under its own category, or bundled with other wireless settings.

However, if you can get the Wii to run through the the specific ports in this guide, don't fool with a DMZ Server.
All I can really do now is advise you attempt putting in the ports anywhere they can be entered, be it forwarding or triggering, and see if the Wii will connect to the internet. If it doesn't work, simply reset the Wii's original setting before you switched and try something else. Some routers make it needlessly cumbersome to do something like this, but just know that if you do get it to work it will be worth it.
9:31 PM Oct 31 2009 2009
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Quote (originally posted by XquiZiTX8X):
imo Brawl's wifi is just bad in general. ;l

Welcome to march 2008
10:13 PM Nov 16 2009 2009
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My router's HTTP Config apparently uses a port that's also used for brawl.  Do all ports have to be opened for anything to happen, or can I be "partially opened" and still be better than if they're all closed?  If I need all of them open for any effect, would adjusting my router's HTTP Config's port cause any bad stuff (If anyone knows what I'm talking about, I use a weird router version that isn't available on



Go into the settings
Go over until you reach internet and click it
Click the connection you are using
Go into the settings
Pan over to the IP settings, and click “No” to the Auto Obtain feature
Set the IP address to the same numbers as the ports you created earlier
You Subnet ask can be found in the IP settings list show in the beginning of the guide
Default gateway is your original IP

This step confuses me.  What is "original IP" for Default Gateway?
12:15 AM Dec 13 2009 2009
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Yes... your router certainly is weird.
I would recommend a DMZ Server at this point, since it simply opens all ports to a specific IP.

I suppose this might still be a problem, I assume you can't open all the ports because it give you a conflict message?

Here's the thing.... it sounds somewhat like your router needs ports to simply function, which is kind of strange.
At least allocated ports...
Eh, you might just be screwed, sorry.

Original IP is the default IP address of your router.
It can be found in the IPconfig menu of your computer.
11:45 PM Jan 6 2010 2010
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nice ill try some of this
6:13 PM Jan 12 2010 2010
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lol it said that my ping was 11. is that good? or too low for brawl?
11:40 PM Jan 17 2010 2010
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Ping cannot be too low.
2:25 AM Jan 25 2010 2010
King of Evil
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I have a question...

I've entered all of the TCP ports, but when I attempt to enter the UDP ports (1-65534) it says that ports within that range are in use by another configuration. I've looked all over my router and can't find a single thing suggesting that those ports are in use.

My question is if the process for opening the UDP ports is different than TCP, because I believe the prior port entries are interfering. I selected the portforwarding tab, added 6 custom services, each containing the specified ports with a TCP protocol. I try to add a 7th under a UDP protocol, and it denies me.

5:32 AM Jan 25 2010 2010
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When I was doing this (I did it awhile ago). I had the same problem, but my Wii was on. Turned it off, everything worked smoothly.
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1:48 AM Jan 31 2010 2010
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Quote (originally posted by Dawei):

TCP Outgoing (protocol must be TCP ONLY)
28910 Starting - 28910 Ending
29900 S - 29900 E
29901 S - 29901 E
29920 S - 29920 E
80 S - 80 E
443 S - 443- E

UDP Outgoing (UDP ONLY)
All ports (1-Max. Usually 65535)

The IP address will need to be filled in next, and will have a blank for the last numbers in the chain, such as 111.111.11.**
It is recommended that you use a number 10 above your IP, so in this case it would be something like Some routers list the starting IP on the first page of the router cp, but if you don't just add 10 to the ip that you used to enter into your router cp.

After you have made all the ports (there should be 7) and set them all to the same IP address your finished with your router!

My router doesn't have 7 slots, I'm not sure what I should enter. My router:
the last pic is where I'm having a bit of trouble
2:54 PM Feb 8 2010 2010
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There should be a section on how using an ethernet hub can screw your connection if you have alot of computers trying to communicate at the same time. The Wii will literally have to wait it's turn in that environment because of CSMA/CD which adds latency.
3:49 AM Mar 8 2010 2010
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Good stuff.
12:32 AM Mar 13 2010 2010
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How do I figure out what the password is? o.e
I'm at the "put in your ip address in the url bar".
I got the username but idk password... =/
12:30 PM Mar 15 2010 2010
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