What's your favorite spike from any of the smash bros. games?

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7:06 PM Dec 23 2008 2008
Joined: Dec 2008
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What's your favorite spike from any of the smash bros. games?
I like ganondorf's wizard's foot from melee. They go down so fast they barely have the time to scream! ^_^
12:30 AM Dec 26 2008 2008
Wolfy Leo
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Not really a spike, but I really love using "Confusion" with Mewtwo and pulling them under the stage. I'd have to agree that Ganon's head stomp is pretty damn satisfying. Falcon comes second.

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5:51 PM Dec 27 2008 2008
Black Mother
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ganon's of course...I JUST SPIKED MY FRIEND THE OTHER DAY and he went like sideways...not down....but sideways...sorta like this.... ---------------
7:24 PM Jan 8 2009 2009
Joined: Jan 2009
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shining, its not really spiking, but it does the job XD. if not that, then footstooling, because its always a surprise :D
9:40 PM Jan 12 2009 2009
Jewl Echo
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Well I'd have to say that Ganon's is probably the most satisfying, but I just can't resist spiking from Falco's side smash. No one expects it! Well most people don't. XD

Especially to those MKs...
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9:59 AM Jan 28 2009 2009
War is Over
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LOL ganons meteor smash is the best!!! my favs r his, ikes, and falcos!
10:38 PM Jan 31 2009 2009
Joined: Nov 2008
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rob bc its the robot version of a tbag, also zelda without the sweet spot bc if u dont recover from that its the funniest thing to c
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3:56 PM Feb 8 2009 2009
Fudgylicious Fhd
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samus 64
11:02 PM Feb 23 2009 2009
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Roy DED, the third hit has to be up.
1:11 AM Feb 24 2009 2009
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Mario's Fair, it just looks so painful
11:11 PM Feb 24 2009 2009
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Any kind of stage gimp with Falcon or Ganon is just damn funny.
5:19 PM Mar 3 2009 2009
FraNk tHe TaNk
Joined: Jul 2008

luigi's cause if you can pull his off your opponent is all like "ZOMG H4X LUIGI DOESNT HAVE A SPIKE. WTF H4X."
11:48 AM Mar 7 2009 2009
Joined: Jan 2009

I love Luigi spike, is so hard to do and when you pull it off you're just like YEAH TAKE THAT U. Its exciting.
2:47 AM Mar 9 2009 2009
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SSB64=Dk's Fair

Melee=Ganon's Dair, but it can be meteor canceled, so probably Falcon's Nipple spike comes close second, just because the hitbox is amazing.

Brawl=Zelda's Dair (sweetspotted)

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8:29 AM Apr 6 2009 2009
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I love Falco's fast Spike
I also love all of the spikes!!!!
8:08 PM Apr 16 2009 2009
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The Nipple Spike.
7:41 AM May 14 2009 2009
Joined: May 2009

C. Falcons nipple spike from melee and gannons thunderstomp in brawl both are amazing and so delicious to pull off
7:40 PM May 20 2009 2009
Joined: May 2008

BEST spike I ever had was with DDD trying to recover, a ROB (at 0%) was edgeguarding on Yoshi's Island and DDD's up-B spiked him at 0%, too epic. Will upload vid as soon as I get my wii back.

And do stage spikes count?
11:55 AM May 23 2009 2009
Joined: Jan 2009

I love spiking with Pit's side smash, it usually ends in a KO for my opponent. Zelda's down smash is hard to land, but still really fun to use. I miss all the time, but it's still fun!
5:40 PM May 27 2009 2009
Pulse Ori
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SSB64 - Ness (u die at like 12%)
SSBM - Ganon down b (i just luv it =P )
SSBB - Marth tip spike and WeeGee Taunt spike (i luv marth and that taunt spike is so powerful)
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