Tournament Performance Thread - Post your Ganondorf results here!

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4:22 PM Jan 14 2009 2009
Hanging Chad
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Tournament Performance Thread
As we all know, Ganondorf is now the worst character in the game according to the tier list.  I personally believe that he deserves to be last, though I may of course be wrong.  That's why I've vowed to main Ganondorf at every IRL tournament I go to.  The more Ganondorfs that place in the top 8, the higher Ganondorf will climb on the tier list.  I'll update the thread continually and make a section for each player that has a Ganondorf result they would like to post.  Here are the rules:

I'll post any IRL tournament result that you have, even if it isn't top 8.  Make sure you used Ganondorf for the majority of the tournament.  I'll send any top 8 results to the Smashboards tournament results thread so that it gets taken into account in the next tier list.

Format for top 8 result:

Name of tourney:



Total entrants:

Entry fee:

Link to tournament (if applicable):

Top 8 Players AND their mains:

If you didn't place in the top 8 but still want to post your results, you can include any information above if you want, but only the tournament name and the ranking are necessary.
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4:26 PM Jan 14 2009 2009
Hanging Chad
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For more details about each player's performance, find the original post with his or her tournament results.  I'm only posting the tournament name and the ranking here.



Play N Trade I
5th out of 29

Play N Trade II
9th out of 41


Brawl's Deep - 4/4/09
9th out of 23

Let's get some more results guys!
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10:23 PM Apr 7 2009 2009
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Name of tourney: Brawl's Deep

Location: Cumberland, RI

Date: 4/4/09

Total entrants: 23 (singles)

Entry fee: $10 (singles)

Link to tournament:

Top 8 Players:
Fatal - Snake/MK
Melito - TL
Yoshi - Green Ace
Kevin/Bizkit - Snake/Marth
Bloodcross - Falco
Creo - Marth
Swiss - Snake
IcyLight - Olimar

LoL Green Ace. I placed 9th, I won two sets and lost two sets and had a bye. (I lost to Kevin and Icylight)

I changed from Ganon to MK once, but I would've been better off sticking with Ganon.
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