What games would you like to see added support for from AiB?

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4:10 PM May 26 2011 2011
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preach it icon_biggrin

Good luck winning that battle.

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6:34 PM May 26 2011 2011
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We Dare
11:44 PM May 26 2011 2011
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its not that i want more its just that i wish more people were on the current other sites icon_sad
2:45 PM Jun 9 2011 2011
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Tetris Party Deluxe(wii)
I would personally like to see more about tetris party deluxe. You could have an updated list of who has the highest scores, and there could also be a page dedicated to exchanging friend codes so that you can play the same people regularly. The reason why it would be beneficial in my opinion would be so that you could play with the wiiware settings off, because when you play with them on, block stacking can only happen so fast, you are kind of limited on how fast you can drop the blocks.
5:45 AM Feb 8 2012 2012
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Soul Calibur 5
5:08 PM Mar 15 2012 2012
Team Chemistry!
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I would favor Goldeneye 007 Wii to the list!
10:40 AM Mar 19 2012 2012
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Not sure if anybody's said this, but MK7 should be added. Who wants to play a stupid 2D Wii game when you can play it IN 3D!
7:52 PM Jul 8 2013 2013
Nitedo Frek
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Wii sports, Wii play, Wii fit, etc.
8:22 PM Jul 8 2013 2013
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who do u main in wii sports nitedo frek
5:06 PM Jul 9 2013 2013
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