Easiest charecter to pick up

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7:26 PM Feb 18 2010 2010
Almost Famous
Joined: May 2009

I'd say Luigi, but I've been playing as him since 2006 or so, honestly, I think Link would be easiest to pick up as.
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1:05 AM Feb 19 2010 2010
War is Over
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Link's metagame actually seems fairly intense. o_o I picked up Sheik as a secondary extremely quickly. Based on both experience and what I've seen and heard from others, Sheik seems the most natural.
1:35 PM Feb 19 2010 2010
In the Spotlight
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Guys it's a known fact that the easiest character IS Sheik.

Then it would go to Marth.

Can we finally close this discussion?
2:27 PM Feb 20 2010 2010
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agreed. This has become a whole mess of conflicting opinions rather than actual facts.

There's your answer folks. Shiek, Marth.
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