best sonic game evr!

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7:53 PM Jan 30 2009 2009
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best sonic game evr!
i say it's sonic unleash!
2:20 PM Feb 2 2009 2009
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Sonic CD.
Time Travel possible for each of the stages, awesome music, no tails, and Metal Sonic. Only problem was Amy Rose...
1:00 AM Feb 3 2009 2009
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Sonic Adventure 2 for me. Still haven't played SU360, unfortunatly.
1:59 PM Feb 8 2009 2009
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Sonic adventure 1
Get a load of this
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3:44 PM Mar 4 2009 2009
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Bah none of those games can compare to power of sonic 2
1:02 AM Mar 15 2009 2009
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Sonic 3
2:15 AM Mar 15 2009 2009
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personally Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (some of the other sonic games don't make sense such as: Sonic Drift! WTF does he really need a car!
11:42 AM Mar 15 2009 2009
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Quote (originally posted by SAS25):
Sonic 3& Knuckles

6:35 PM Mar 27 2009 2009
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there are a lot of great Sonic games. but, my favorite is most definitely Sonic 3 and Knuckles.
12:50 PM Apr 3 2009 2009
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A tie between Sonic & Knuckles and Sonic CD. Sonic & Knuckles was awesome 'cause you could you could choose between Sonic and Knuckles (anything else to add?). Sonic CD had awesome music and great gamplay. Plus, you could warp through time.
7:30 PM Apr 8 2009 2009
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Sonic 3 and knuckles. Best replay value, perfect controls, chaos and super emeralds, 3 different ways to go through the game, it's perfect. Makes me wonder why sonic team hasn't tried making a 3d sonic game with the features that sonic 3 and knuckles had.
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7:05 PM Apr 15 2009 2009
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Reply to best sonic game ever!
SA2B. It introduced my Fav Sonic character Shadow. There were also Chao! They were awsome! Sega should put Chao back in Sonic Games! (I would also like adventure Fields like SADX.)
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6:57 AM Apr 17 2009 2009
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meh, SA2 is overrated for me. SA1 was better, just way more epic

But the best Sonic game, and my favorite Sonic game still remains Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Sonic CD and Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast) are close seconds
11:20 AM May 24 2009 2009
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Sonic '06. I don't care what people say, it's awesome.
11:47 PM May 27 2009 2009
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i would have to say S3&K but if they brought back hyper sonic in 3-D and had a close up scene, im willin to bet SOMEONE will go color blind
5:04 PM Jun 4 2009 2009
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Sorry, I'm going with Sonic 2.
3:36 AM Jun 15 2009 2009
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Top 3,

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle
Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles
Sonic Unleashed (daylight)

come to think of it... It's so hard to choose. LOL
1:22 PM Jun 27 2009 2009
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Best? Easy: Sonic Adventure 2.

1. Introduction to a new character: Shadow the hedgehog.
2. Great music.
3. Very challenging boss battles
4. The ability to become a hero or a villain with the Hero Side/Villain Side.
5. Unique gameplay
9:27 AM Aug 4 2009 2009
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Sonic unleashed
Sonic the hedgehog 2
Sonic adventure 1&2
3:33 PM Aug 8 2009 2009
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Quote (originally posted by neongreenhawk5):
Sonic '06. I don't care what people say, it's awesome.

I respect your bravery, i will not flame you, i also think this game was overrated on its awfulness(even though in comparison to others, it was pretty dull), i respect your desicion, but you DO know that if you go elsewhere saying that everyones going to, whats the word, dazed, furious...oh i don't know XD

Anyway, i guess its SA1 for me. I think...
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