Character Match-Up Thread - How to Kidnap a Princess: The So Norcal Pro way.

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5:12 PM Apr 3 2009 2009
Jizzy T
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Character Match-Up Thread
Pretty much a basic character MU thread. Since I don't know how prevalent these boards are we can start on a request.
Any MU.
5:29 AM May 31 2009 2009
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These boards look kinda dead but maybe i can help out, I will just pour out whatever comes to my head, you guys can be responsible for organizing them into a summary


I really like this matchup, especially on flat stages like FD, you can dash attack straight into a missle and clink with it allowing you to do another attack afterwards, kinda like powershielding but without the reflecting and is alot easier to do. Spam fortress like in almost every other matchup. The flamethrower can be used to stop her zair from puling her up disallowing her to not use it again and forcing her to use upB which after getting hit by a flamethrower isnt in the best position to do so, you can even probably fortress hog her. While use fortress it is a good idea to keep on spamming upB even while you are doing it because alot of her moves clink with it so if you do it right away afterwards before she can start another attack you will be successful in hitting her with the fortress. Try to recover as high as possible is ideal but not very common in this matchup so always try to sweetspot the ledge when you can.
11:00 AM Oct 24 2009 2009
Beats Per Minute
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But I'm not norcal



Oh god, possibly one of the hardest matchups for boozer. Shiek's tilts rape you alive, and since you're heavy, sheik will rape you. On the kill side, sheik has her godly fair, and tons of OoS options, which Bowser doesn't have. So shiek can poke your shield and get away with it.

Fortress can be stopped by grabs and whatnot, but you can absolutely edgeguard her. That's the only thing you can do to stop the rape. Edgeguard her.

She is also lightweight but hell will freeze over before you get a Fsmash on shiek, standing on the ground, right in front of you, in a neutral position. Don't try it.

Oh yeah, NEEDELZ. They can stop your approaches since you're so damn big.
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