I dont get this!

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4:38 PM Dec 26 2010 2010
Joined: Aug 2010

I dont get this!
When I click "LukeSkynoober!" I get the woops error.
Spelling hates me and I hate Spelling.
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5:05 PM Dec 26 2010 2010
Spread the Love
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I'm getting it too Whenever I go on anyones page including my own also.
6:45 PM Dec 26 2010 2010
War is Over
Joined: Jun 2010

Same. I get a whoops every time I go onto a user name page.
6:52 PM Dec 26 2010 2010
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Profile pages aren't working at the moment. They should be fixed soon.
12:16 AM Dec 27 2010 2010
Joined: Oct 2009

This has been happening all day it seems. I hope it gets fixed soon!
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