Holiday Custom Stage Contest: Results

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2:23 PM Jan 1 2011 2011
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Holiday Custom Stage Contest: Results
Here are the results of the Holiday Stage Contest.

I just realized I am dumb and forgot to post my judging in the thread, so before I count the votes I will post them here.
Hacked: zae26
Non hacked: 42_, snag, trogdor respectively.

Now for the actual results.

Note: ties will be decided by the number of votes the judges gave each participant.


1st: Christmas Tree by zae26  (14 votes)
2nd: Christmas Tree S by Masonomace  (4 votes)

Not Hacked:
1st: Ice Flower by lloD the Snow Prince (9 votes)
2nd: Snowflake by 42_  (8 votes/6 judges)
3rd: Smash Stocking by Trogdor (8 votes/4 judges)
4th: Santa by snag (6 votes)
5th: Menorah by jarvitz (2 votes)
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