Chat and Google Chrome

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1:57 AM Jan 9 2011 2011
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Chat and Google Chrome
This seems to be a relatively minor inconvenience, given how nearly all users of the website use Firefox. Nevertheless, please hear me out on this.

I am using Google Chrome at the moment. I enter a Chat Room, specifically into Social. Deciding to switch to a different room, I pull down the tab that shows all the other rooms to enter and click on Trading Floors. However, the system seems to think that I am still logged into Social, thus giving me the message that my account has already been logged into a Chat Room.

Is this a problem with the browser (Google Chrome) per se or is it due to the system itself? (Either way, it can be remedied by switching to a different browser (Firefox) or closing the Chat Room and re-entering into the desired room of choice.)

4:33 AM Jan 9 2011 2011
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I use Google Chrome and I never had any problems like you have. i suggest closing your window and open up the room you desire again, what you already said.
10:14 AM Jan 11 2011 2011
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I get this problem in oprea. The system seems to lag and doesn't realize that I left until I go back to the home page and refresh. It's really not that big of a deal to me though.
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