Psychology of Gamers

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9:48 PM Oct 24 2011 2011
I Know Where You Live
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These types of articles actually are interesting and make me wanna finish the entire thing. Great read!
10:15 PM Oct 24 2011 2011
Hylian Goddess
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-6WX- wrote at 8:46 PM on Oct 24, 2011 :
Hehe very nice. Nothing too new to me. But fun to read, since u put it all together so well!

3:39 AM Oct 25 2011 2011
Admiral Delcatty
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Good read. I don't find MK to be cheap, I can handle Meta Knights, it's Diddy Kongs I can't stand D:<
5:53 AM Oct 25 2011 2011
Hunter Keeba
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Lol at the rage filled gamers, I went to a tournament once and some guy had to get escorted out by security he raged so bad but great blog
8:57 AM Oct 25 2011 2011
Picture Perfect
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Really great read!!
6:56 PM Oct 25 2011 2011
PZ The Warrior
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Good read I will no longer be negative cuz I have a good life. I will read all of it on the weekened.
9:46 PM Oct 25 2011 2011
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This is my dream essay. Really nice blog there. Though I'm 12, I'm a neutral.
5:58 AM Oct 26 2011 2011
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I bet you it was either denti or ALSM who had the headphones
8:07 PM Oct 26 2011 2011
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Cool blog.

P.S. No one cares Zodi.
9:57 PM Oct 28 2011 2011
Smash PhD
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agreed abou tthe tvs i play on a small non--plasma one and it sux to play on a large 1
10:08 AM Oct 31 2011 2011
Illusion of an absolute anonymity
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Lifestory: When I went to Hobo 33, a local tournament here in Texas, I observed the gamers there and studied how they played; what helped them focus, what distracted them, etc. Out of all the players there, one guy stood out to me among them. He was the only player there who had his headphones on, listening to music, while playing. For some people, this would be incredibly distracting from the game. I was curious about this, so after I played a match with him, I asked him how he was able to focus on the game. He lowered his head phones around his neck, and said, “Oh no, this is exactly how I’m able to focus.”

^^^Did this player happen to be WONDER_BREEZY, the Ganon main?
3:06 PM Nov 2 2011 2011
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ha i play better when the volume on the TV is very high...................or listening to like some sick rave music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4:09 AM Nov 3 2011 2011
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True facts of how I played a year ago: Every time I was a different color I had a different playing style, green was spacing, red was very fast and aggresive, then white was kinda my balance where I did my best, but sometimes I'd still change it up. now it doesnt matter on color and I even have a new main with out too many habits.
1:41 AM Nov 4 2011 2011
The General Manager
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While not exactly discussing "psychology" (what I think of) of a player while playing (mindset, thought process, emotional stability etc), still an interesting read.

I have brought up many external factors such as tv/monitor setup (type, video/audio quality, resolution, etc) and mods.

In tournament play, I believe the organizers should make an effort in ensuring "fair" distribution of television setups. Nationally known players aren't "entitled" to play on the biggest screen or the HDTV etc. Conversely relatively unknown players shouldn't be stuck with the small *** CRT either. Also all mods expect the one allowing for replays of any length should be banned. My friend never thought of "it" when I explained how some people may be visually distracted by differently colored backgrounds etc. Even "custom" music can throw someone off. If someone is able to play without any audio, I suggest playing with earphones or even ear plugs, especially if there is a noisy audience.

Mindgames: A "metagame" term that really shouldn't be used as if a game mechanic. When I hear mindgames, I'm talking about using your character taunt to annoy your opponent, jumping/dashing or attacking (especially if opponent is respawning) for no "practical" reason, or attempting to KO in a particular fashion (aiming for a special or charged smash when a simple tilt or "jab" would easily kill). It is the interaction with your opponent NOT your characters fighting. The most obvious would be trash talking or bragging while playing. There are more subtle things however which could really "get" to people. These types of things are seen in any competitive event.

My tl;dr point...if some player says they need to work on mindgames or some pseduo "metagame" aspect, they're the type of person that gets conned in life.
1:25 PM Nov 4 2011 2011
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6:42 PM Dec 31 2011 2011
War is Over
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Very interesting topic and pretty accurate too. I subscribed, had to
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