Who is the Best Smash Character?

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Who is the Best Smash Character?
Meta Knight (Brawl) (1014)
Fox (Melee) (425)
Pikachu (Smash64) (424)
Diddy Kong (Brawl) (161)
Falco (Melee) (315)
2:53 AM Jan 23 2012 2012
Double Dater
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lmao felt bad for diddy
8:27 AM Jan 23 2012 2012
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Quote (originally posted by Tarextherex):
I faced many good diddies and I'm undefeated versus him, except a couple of cases of laggy wifi if you count that.  Other characters can use bananas as good as diddy does, maybe even better, but the point is that when diddy is not the only one using those bananas, he's clearly not quite this 2nd best character everyone knows about. I clearly said that if you get around bananas and abuse the flaws of his below average moveset vs him, he's a lot less good. The effort I mentioned was about learning to use items, many players don't want to put time over this, and that is a fact. You're the one who dosen't make sense and according to your profile and smashboards search, you never went to an offline tourney, making your post having even less credibility. Please research more what you're talking about before making such bold statements.

Name which Diddies. If they're losing their naner control as easily as you seem to make it out to be then you're obviously playing bad Diddies. His moveset isn't even below average...It's just that his kill moves are below average (being worse than Pit's kill moves.). I do agree with the statement that most players don't put time into learning how to fight Diddy and just complain about it instead. 
4:19 AM Jan 25 2012 2012
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Yeah......name which diddys.......
10:26 PM Jan 25 2012 2012
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where is ike??????? o.O
8:37 AM Jan 26 2012 2012
Ballot Stuffer
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<--I tend to spike your face off alot.
9:40 AM Jan 27 2012 2012
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Oh no, Meta Knight will always seem broken to me.

I'd go with either Falco(Melee) or Diddy(Brawl).
But mostly Falco since he's my favorite lol.
5:17 PM Jan 31 2012 2012
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8:41 PM Jan 31 2012 2012
People Know Me
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Pikachu (64), Fox (Melee), and Meta Knight (Brawl) are my mains.

And Falco is overrated icon_razz

Diddy is ok
7:25 PM Feb 2 2012 2012
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Dang... Put up more options man. I want to Put Fox up on best smash character in brawl.
4:46 AM Feb 3 2012 2012
Spread the Love
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Illmatic. cheated on the Ladder. Don't bother playing this person.
"Pumpkin Eater"

9:54 PM Feb 5 2012 2012
War is Over
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Falco is always 2nd in my book.
10:38 PM Feb 5 2012 2012
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3:44 PM Feb 7 2012 2012
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hopefully smash 4 will have him
8:36 PM Feb 12 2012 2012
Ballot Stuffer
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Falco in Melee is by far, better than Diddy, better than Fox, just all around great.
10:29 PM Feb 22 2012 2012
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*Just took a shot at this pole. Fox (mainly, because I used him the most in Melee, next to Marth, Roy, Samus & Sheik/Zelda.*

So, yeah, can you blame me? ;D
11:47 AM Feb 24 2012 2012
Team Chemistry!
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Mk so cheap!
I have no idea why I'm posting here.
9:29 PM Feb 25 2012 2012
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Any character is the best if given days of time and training, even Ganon can take anyone down if mastered.


2:11 PM Feb 29 2012 2012
The Fallen Angel
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i saw someone ask why ike isn't listed here on the best character poll... as in terms of actual competitive...

I lol'd..hard...

11:28 PM Mar 11 2012 2012
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Quote (originally posted by Izumi-kun):
Wow at every idiot who picked MK.

The thing is that the majority of people on All is Brawl are only into the competitive Brawl Scene. It would be unfair to expect them to vote for Pikachu in 64 or Fox in Melee. I voted pikachu because there are people who can use him at the highest level. Even the BEST foxes in Melee have their flaws or not-perfect tech skill, however if one day a person who has 100% tech skill and is perfect as fox he would be unstoppable. But metaknight is defeatable, pikachu reasonably isn't...
1:30 PM Apr 15 2012 2012
Kirby Master
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It's MK all the way now
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