What is you fav. Melee Character

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10:40 PM Feb 5 2012 2012
Joined: Oct 2010

I liked most of them, I like the technical aspect of Melee better. The "clone"characters I also liked and was sad they got rid of them. I liked them
10:57 AM Feb 8 2012 2012
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8:26 PM Feb 9 2012 2012
On all levels except physical, I am a rat.
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What is 'you' fav. melee character?.

I think me fav. melee character are pichu.
12:01 AM Feb 18 2012 2012
In the Spotlight
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Kirby and Falcon. And Marth. And Fox. And Falco. And Pikachu. But mostly Falcon and Kirby.
4:04 PM Mar 10 2012 2012
Blue Flare Miguel
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Mine is Mewtwo, Young Link, Roy, and Pichu!
4:57 PM Mar 15 2012 2012
Team Chemistry!
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Marth <3
7:08 PM Jun 12 2012 2012
Joined: Jun 2012

Roy...<3 I think He's pretty cute and he's strong. Peach,Zelda,Jigglypuff,Marth,Samus.
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9:14 AM Jun 15 2012 2012
I'm Stupid
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Mine's generic. Falcon & Fox.
5:51 PM Jun 19 2012 2012
Spread the Love
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Link, Samus, and Falco were my favs in melee.
5:02 PM Jun 20 2012 2012
NDJ Hype
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Fav. Melee Character
I enjoy using Zelda/Sheik and Kirby.
9:28 PM Jul 3 2012 2012
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My favorite was Peach
3:16 AM Jul 24 2012 2012
The No More Hero
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Doctor Mario, fo sho.

He drugs his enemies.

Everyone else's arguments are invalid.
12:29 AM Aug 8 2012 2012
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Guess. =)
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1:50 AM Aug 18 2012 2012
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Master Hand.
1:46 PM Aug 20 2012 2012
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That is easy Marth!!!!!!!!
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