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5:33 PM Feb 25 2012 2012
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meta knight
why do people complain about him so much, he not even dat broken
1:05 AM Feb 26 2012 2012
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Well, people consider him broken and can't man up to their losses. Americans only know how to cry and complain when they lose. >_>
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11:38 AM Feb 26 2012 2012
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ike gives me more trouble. then again MKs are MKs
1:07 PM Feb 26 2012 2012
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he's a small target, most of his attacks move about as fast (a couple, like neutral A, even faster) as someone could blink, players take advantage of his Shuttle Loop's rising arc to strike players from under the edge, and when people spam certain attacks like the Tornado, he becomes difficult to hit. his offensive game is some of the best in Brawl once you get familiar with his attacks, and even if you did have a distance attack or item, it's not hard for anyone to figure out how to get around them. not very many characters are easily capable of easily getting around MK's attacks and dealing damage, and even characters that come close need to outwit said player in order to get some substantial damage in, let alone KO him or win the match.

suffice it to say, MK at his best is fast, small, and difficult to get a hit on... at least that's from what I've seen. Admittedly, Snake seems to be one of the few characters in most tourneys that stand the better chance using higher priority explosive attacks and a couple disjointed ones. I did hear that there's a major exploit with Shiek, though, but I'm not familiar with it

Personally, I have yet to see a truly skilled MK that fits the description that got him banned. I main Sonic, so all I'd need is plenty of patience and I could find that workaround to handle most of them. Olimar tends to give me trouble because his Pikmin get in my way...
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7:58 PM Feb 26 2012 2012
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I don't mind meta. What I do mind is when people are incapable of beating you and cp metaknight to take care of you. Resorting to metaknight cause you can't keep up is what gets to me.
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