Get updates through MyYahoo! - Very cool option

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5:33 PM Jul 27 2008 2008
The Game II
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Get updates through MyYahoo!
Hey everyone,

If you're a regular visitor to, then you can get the latest headlines from Get Your Tournament without having to leave Yahoo.

Here's how to do it:

1. Log onto and sign in to your Yahoo account.

2. You'll see a link that says "Add Content." Once the page opens up, click on the link that says "Add RSS Feed."

3. Enter the following link

4. You're all set!

Now, whenever you log onto Yahoo, you'll be able to see the latest news that is on Get Your Tournament.

I'm currently working on an e-mail alert system for any new videos that are posted, so stay tuned for that.

--GCII -- I'm back with Get Your Tournament
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