Things you DIDN'T like about Super Smash Bros. Melee

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9:33 AM Nov 29 2011 2011
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Things you DIDN'T like about Super Smash Bros. Melee
Anything you didn't like about the game?

Not about the game itself, but I don't like the fact that people around my area refuse to play it, or even talk about it. Anyone who brings it up is called a "nostalgia***" automatically.
3:37 AM Jan 14 2012 2012
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I used to have no problems with this game. It was the only game I would have given an actual perfect 10 to. Then one friend's memory card got wiped and I went through unlocking everything again. It is ridiculous how long you have to play to unlock some stuff and it's not even useless stuff! DL64, FD, Battlefield, Random Stage Select, etc.

My biggest problem with fighting/Smash games is characters that have to be unlocked. There's nothing worse than picking up the game for the first time and finding out you have to play through some tedious mission mode (or whatever else) to unlock something that should already be there. There was a time when I thought unlocking everything was fun and I even considered starting a new file of Melee on a different memory card so I could go through the process. Well thanks to my friend's card getting wiped I got to go through the unlocking process and it is ridiculous. If there are unlockables they should be optional stuff like costumes, artwork, etc.

I have to lower my personal Melee score to 9.9 because of this. I thought there was truly a perfect game. There isn't. =/
5:55 PM Jan 14 2012 2012
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Before Super Smash Bros. Brawl came out, I thought Melee was awesome and still is even to this day. Personally, I don't have any faults with this game.

Well, I have one gripe: I don't really like the idea that there a lot of duplicate characters. Mario/Dr Mario (Luigi?), Link/Young Link, Pikachu/Pichu, Fox/Falco, Captain Falcon/Ganondorf, and Roy/Marth.

However this is only a small gripe and it doesn't hurt the game that much.
11:16 AM Jan 28 2012 2012
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Pichu's sweetspot is more annoying that sheik mains going XD all day about that chain throw.
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2:06 AM Feb 1 2012 2012
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Mewtwo's tail whip goes through people without even doing anything.

Pretty much my complaints are all about the low tier character sucking/having crappy range. That and frame rate issues on several stages that make 2v2 matches on FOD, Mute City, Big Blue, etc laggy as heck... >.>
12:05 AM Feb 18 2012 2012
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Quote (originally posted by Johnknight1):
Mewtwo's tail whip goes through people without even doing anything.

That's because Tail Whip isn't a damage dealing move, lol.

The fact that Falcon can't grab the edge from his side-b is annoying.  Frame rate issues on some stages with 4 players is annoying.  I wish the low tiers were more viable.  I wish the CPUs had AI that was viable to play against.  I guess I'm asking for a little too much perfection, but other than those gripes, Melee is near perfect.
2:30 PM Feb 19 2012 2012
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One thing i found a bit annoying is that pichu has to inflict damage to itself upon using any special moves. I understand that makes sense with the nature of a pichu in pokemon infos. Come to think of it, with pichu having a copy of pikachu's attacks, i cant see the better side to pichu against pikachu with that damage backlash. If anyone knows hidden abilities with pichu specificly i wouldn't mind hearing it.
7:30 AM Feb 22 2012 2012
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Camera in 1P mode. Why would anyone ever need to use that. You can't take pictures and you have an alternate mode (vs) that uses the C stick to perform attacks, clearly meaning that they knew people would use it as a way to play. So why did they replace that function in a mode where you desperately need it (****ing very hard mode, what the ****)?

Character balance issues - irrelevant. Can't predict a metagame that hasn't been invented yet.

Oh but Mewtwo's weight is straight up retarded. Isn't he supposed to be 250 lbs or something? Didn't know that actually meant if you breath on him he dies.
8:30 PM Mar 2 2012 2012
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I have a nostalgia meltdown when playing this game :3

...BUT, the one thing I don't like is how hard it is to get all the characters. It was so annoying because my 'lil bro kept "accidently" deleting the save data. So I would have to strive for, like, a month to get them all back.
5:09 PM Nov 4 2012 2012
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Bowser is too terrible on Melee for him to stand a chance against the high tiers. I mean really, his aerials are just terrible in Melee. Other than that, great game!
7:29 PM Nov 9 2012 2012
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As a Bowser player I really disagree with that statement. He definitively isn't middle tier on anything, but he still stands a chances, and Shuffl fair and bairs aren't too bad and Uair is pretty amazing when you hit it. It isn't too hard to be able to roll over a fox, it's not common but it is very possible.
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5:55 PM Dec 2 2012 2012
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Well, maybe it's just me. Bowser feels very clunky on Melee, and being a Bowser player also, I've used him on Melee plenty of times. True, his Uair is great and I overlooked that, and his Fair is decent, though Bair really is terrible tbh.
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