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2:19 PM Aug 27 2008 2008
Honorably Discharged
Joined: Mar 2008
Grey has provided valuable testing services for the website.Grey owns a Zune by choice, because iPods are superfluous and iTunes is counter intuitive.Grey rooted the Green Bay Packers to their fourth Super Bowl win, Favre or no Favre.Grey is connected in the Six Degrees of Smash web.Grey made significant contributions to all areas of the website!Grey did something funny.Grey impressed a staff member by doing something smart.Grey helped a member with a problem.Grey has referred new users to the site.

Hey AiBers, we're looking for a few good men (or women... or others) to help us get the stages portion of the site in tip top shape. As you're probably aware by now, the stage library isn't really neat and organized. At all. In fact, once your stage makes it past the 1st page, it'll probably never be heard from again.

So, that's where YOU come in! Yes, you! If you're interested in the opportunity to help the site, or just fed up with the way it's organized now and are willing to aide us, simply PM staindgrey (that's me!) with your "resume":

What you like about staindgrey:
Why you'd like to help out with this project:
How often you've used the Stage Library already:
Mother's maiden name:
Social Security number:
Any questions you have about what it is you'll be doing:

If you've been selected to help, you'll receive a reply outlining specifically what we'll be asking you to do. Depending on who/how many we get, that could change.
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