Advanced Options and Features Of tio Part 2 - RR and Pools - Round Robin and Pools Tutorial

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Advanced Options and Features Of tio Part 2 - RR and Pools
In part 1, I discussed seeding through tio.  In this part, I am going to show you how to create a round robin style bracket as well as talk about pools.  Let's begin! icon_smile

Round Robin and Pools

When you first start tio and input the necessary information in the boxes, make sure that the style of brack is set to Round Robin before you create the event.  After you create the event and click on the Events tab, you will be taken to this screen:

Take notice of the options that you now have available.  You will not see these options when you make a single or double elimination bracket.  When you are making a round robin bracket, you will have the options that deal with pools.  When deciding on how many pools that you want, remember that each pool must have at least 2 players in it.  For example, if you want 4 pools, you will need to have at least 8 entrants.  If you only have 6, then you will not be able to have 4 pools.  If you want to use pools to help you create a double elimination bracket with the winners of the pools to have byes, I recommend that you have at least 16 people participating in total.  I also recommend having an even number of pools because an odd number of pools can lead to some issues.  For the rest of this thread, I will be using 16 entrants and 4 pools as an example.

After you have added your entrants, go back to the Details screen.  Before you choose your seeding option and create the bracket, you will want to first determine how many games to be played for a set.  If you are going to use the pools to help make a double elimination bracket, it will be best to have the set as best of 3 games.  Once you completed that, and chose your seeding option (I will be using Randomly), go ahead and generate the bracket.

This is what your bracket will look like.  Your players will be divided among the pools based on the number of pools you have and the seeding option that you chose.  You can only see one pool at a time.  To switch among pools, change the pool number at the top left of the screen.  Right now, you will see pool 1.  When you change the pool number to 2, you will switch to pool 2.

Now that you have your pools and are able to switch between pools, it is time to enter the results.  Since this is round robin style, there will be no advancing of the winners.  Instead, tio will ask you how many games that the winner lost.  Here is an example of how to enter the results:

Let's say that it was Player 16 vs. Player 1, and Player 16 won by 2-1.  To enter that result, find the winning player's name on the left most column.  Then slide to the right until you reach the column of the opposing player.  Double-click on that box.  I have highlighted above the box needed to input Player 16's victory over Player 1.

After you double-click on the box, a little box will appear asking how many times the winning player lost.  Since Player 16 lost 1 game out of 3, I set the number to 1.  Once you complete that, click Done.

This is how your bracket will look like when you have entered a result.  Let's go ahead and mock complete one of our pools.

After you get done completing a pool, you may receive the above message telling you that a tie has occured.  It will also tell you to check the Results and correct the necessary order.  This is important to do!  Especially when you would like to transfer the players from the pools to another event.  After you get done clicking Ok through any message you receive telling you about ties, let's go into the Results section and correct this.

Here is the Results screen.  Since we only have one pool completed at the moment, do not worry about the Overall results section.  Instead focus on the Pool results section.  Go ahead and select the completed pool.

You will now be able to rearrange players in the order that they should be ranked.  How you determine how to break the ties is up to you.  You can either have players play each other again, or you can break ties by players' overall winning percentages.  Remember this, you must know the method you are going to use prior to the start of the pools.  Not only must you know, but the players must know as well.  It saves time, and prevents further headache.  For this example, I am going to break the ties based on the players' overall winning percentage.

After determining who had the higher win percentages, I made the necessary changes.  Once the correct ranking order has been established, you can now go back to your pool bracket and look at the placings for that pool.

Now that you know how to enter results and break the ties, let's go ahead and complete the other pools.  For right now, you do not have to worry about the ties.  After all the pools have been completed, go back to the Details section.

When you first generated the brackets to the pools, three more options became available.  They are:  View and edit pool assignments, Launch pool assignments viewer, and Promote winners to a new event.  The "View and edit pool assignments" option will allow you to look at who is in which pool, and you will have the option of moving people from pool to pool.  If you are going to edit the pool assignments, you will want to do it before you start entering results into your brackets.  Otherwise, you may run into problems.  Here is the window that pops up when you click on "View and edit pool assignments":

The next option "Launch pool assignments viewer" allows you to open another window that will show the pool assignments.  You will only be able to see one pool at a time.  However, the pool viewer will switch pools after so much time passes.  Here is what the "Launch pool assignments viewer" will look like:

Since we have completed the pools, we can now use the option "Promote winners to a new event".  This will allow you to take a set of people from all the pools, and place them into another bracket. 

When you choose that option, the following window will pop up.  You can now choose the number of people from each pool, and transfer them to a new event.  For right now, I am going to take the top 2 players from each pool, and have them transferred to a double elimination bracket.

After you carry over the winners from your pools to a new event, you will be able to look over the options and take a look at your new bracket.  Tio will automatically seed your new bracket.  You can however tell tio to seed your bracket so that players from the same pools will not face each other in the early rounds.

That should cover it with the round robin style and pools.  If I missed anything, or if you any have questions or concerns, feel free to post in this thread or PM me.
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