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11:30 PM Sep 24 2008 2008
Joined: Apr 2008

i like doing tournys like for a month, so i do them when i have time to ther a big gape between my tournys because i was sick and friday was movie night it was allot of delaes to my stuped atemps and i cant spell verry good. thats it for me =P
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9:36 PM Oct 22 2008 2008
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I would like to apply!

I have been running events since 2004 when I ran a couple local melee events in MI. I have recently started up again running multiple events for brawl.

If I had to place a number to them, I would say around 15.

I have multiple threads up here and I also have co-hosted most of Rofa's Biweeklies, including the one that was a featured tournament. But here's a couple of them:

Tournaments I'm co-hosting/have co-hosted:
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8:14 AM Nov 24 2008 2008
Snack Attack
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Snack Attack is a troll. Please ignore anything said by this user.

Ive hosted a couple of tournuments for all the smash games including one for Melee with (I think) 32 people.
i know how to do pairings by hand and i actually do not have knowledge of Tio, nor do i even know where to obtain the program.

But,the point im trying to make is i know pairing theroy and many other things.
if you need to contact me my AIM is UNBFFBRIAN
8:06 PM Dec 8 2008 2008
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Hey there,
so finally here is my application for the Tournament Host Certification program:

I'm Tero (formerly known as $hYne on AiB and smashboards), a smasher from europe or more specifically germany.
I've been on this site since back in the days when it was called tia.

I've hosted several tournaments in my hometown Freiburg since 06, not exactly sure how many but it should be more than 20, many small ones but also some pretty big ones, including Smash Royale, the biggest german melee/brawl tournament ever and one of the biggest european tournaments in 08 with ~70+ attendants (52 of them participating in Melee Singles, the main event; sadly tournament attendance in europe is way lower than in the usa).

Additionally I started a series of smaller monthly tournaments in 07 (the first series of recuring tournaments in germany), i had to pause them because of my scholl examination, but i started another series of monthlies this year.

Beside the tournaments i host myself, i also help out with seeding, bracket making and other stuff on nearly every german tournament i attend, I've been actually running two or three tournaments where i wasn't involved in from the beginning, during one of those the computer crashed and i had to run the whole tournament in pen and paper form, i'm pretty trained in bracket theory by this time.

Tournament links:
Smash Royale (biggest german tournament ever)
Freiburg Monthly #3 (featured this week!)
SF Cologne
SF Ibbenbueren (I wasn't the host but i did ALL the tournament stuff)

(all of those are in person tournaments ofc)

I don't have AIM installed on my computer at the moment, but i'll be downloading it soon, then i will contact you. (my AIM is Tiiro89)

In the end i'd like to mention that my english is not that perfect, but i hope everything was understandable.
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1:55 PM Dec 9 2008 2008
Joined: Feb 2008
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this **** got rejected LOL. **** you
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1:52 AM Dec 16 2008 2008
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My Application...

I've been on this site for about 6 months now, and I've hosted about 12 tournaments so far.
I mostly host the Triforce Tournament Series which is not at #7 this Friday.

Here is my "Female Smashers" tourney which was featured by PeachyAnne

Heres my Triforce Tournament #2

Heres the one i had just now results not uploaded yet.

I do have AIM and i will contact you asap.
I have done one tournament on here, when i didnt use the Tio Brackets.
So I think im ok on putting a Tourney together with the right rules.
Majority of the people i host for say my tourneys go smooth.
Poltergust and A Male Platypus have told me so =]

And well im looking forward to the interview on AIM soon.

8:27 PM Jan 2 2009 2009
Woof Woof
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Ehh I guess I will try out for this:

Been on the site for about 6 months now, accomplished very much, as well has hosting. Here are three tournaments I have hosted on AIB:
(This was the first tournament I host on AIB had an attendance of 82, and it was a success. The bracket did crash once, so I did have to re-do the bracket the way it was, but after so it wasn't a problem. )

I have also helped out when needed at several In Person Tournaments such as:
-Vegas Weeklies
-Oregon Mega Games
-SCSA (Pools and such)
-WCSL (You were there Neal ;D)

Well...I guess that's it for me. I hope to catch you on AIM later, and I wish myself good luck. haha.

1:31 AM Jan 5 2009 2009
J.G WentWorth
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I have been hosting tournaments for about 10 months now. I have hosted about 8 tournaments, but my biggest tournaments are my S.W.R Events, I have hosted 5 of those events.

My Last 3 S.W.R Events:

S.W.R Event III
S.W.R Event IV
S.W.R Event V

S.W.R Event V was a regional sized tournament and was featured on AiB. Top Players like Bum, NinjaLink, D1, Mew2king, Teh Spamerer and Snakeee have been to my events.

And that's it for now I'll find you on aim icon_smile
2:38 PM Jan 5 2009 2009
Joined: Jan 2008
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I would like to obtain this title of a certified host.

So lets start by tourneys I have hosted:

1. A big one that i help host a lot that you know is WCSL:

2. Then there is my tourneys, Why Read When You Can Smash Tournament Series's:

3. Then there are the CGC @ SFSU Tourneament Series's that I run with Onski:

4. I have also done 2 online tourneys that went with great success.
and here:

And thats bout it on tourneys, so thats almost 10ish tourneys.

Ive been heavily in the tournament scene sense the start of brawl. Ive been to over 50 tourneys now, in witch at least 5 of them I had to start running due to poor hosting from the tourney host himself. I been running a bunch of them at my library tourneys. Always finishing on time, with a strict time slot also. =)

Ill hit you up on aim. K thats it I guess.
5:09 PM Jan 6 2009 2009
Version 2.0
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Quote (originally posted by Sean):
I would like to obtain this title of a certified host.

I approve of this message.
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9:38 PM Jan 15 2009 2009
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I approve of that message too.

(I don't have AIM but whatever)

I've been hosting tournaments for the entire province outside of Vancouver for the last 4 years and essentially built the entire community here from the ground up in the process. This dates back to pre-05 before I stopped playing smash and music took over. Then in 07 I started again and since then I've hosted roughly 12 to 15 smash fests and tournaments in the area.

I usually don't go through AiB but I'm planning on using it for the next few. I use the tio program for everything anyway. My brother actually created a program for me about 3 years ago but tio took it a step further so I'm converting.

Still getting used to this site but I searched through my old stuff and found that I actually did host 3 from AiB. One was featured in August too. I don't know if I ever finished uploading things but here they are anyway.


Edit: lol this one is the one I never finished uploading


I've helped with all of the tournaments from CAST4, TS2 and various SFUs.

I even provide housing for travelling smashers when I'm an out of towner at the tourney. Yeah, I'm that good... lolol

Edit: I've got 3 more running through AiB in Febuary and March so I'll be sure to upload them this time haha.
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1:41 AM Feb 4 2009 2009
Alex Strife
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my application.
This is my application for my Certification Host Badge.  Here is a brief run down of what I have done.

Since I started in 2007 I have hosted 20-30 Melee/Brawl Tournaments throughout the NY/NJ area.  Each time I have hosted I have created the biggest event for Melee/Brawl.  In the last 3 months I have hosted a 170+ local NYC tournament ( biggest in NYC ) and 100+ NJ Tournament ( biggest in NJ ).  This only adds to the Monthly and Weekly events I established in the NYC/NJ area as well. 

Here are the three tournaments that I have on AiB

I do not post on here must but for the future I will try a bit more to have events on here.
3:19 PM Feb 25 2009 2009
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Onski's Application

Oh hey Neal, how are your beloved Angels doing? whats that? They're gonna suck this year? oh well..

Since my inception into the community in early September, I have been a hard working and tentative individual. I resurrected the bi-weekly Brawl scene in Northern California, assumed the presidency of a non-active student organization which is committed to competitive gaming, and hosted AiB's Best Run Tournament of 2008: West Coast Smash League. I have personally hosted 5 local tournaments (with an average attendance around 54) assisted in running pools in a few regional tournaments (WGF, BIO) and have hosted my own regional tournament, in which you were a lovely attendee/TO. I also endured great hardships in housing well over 30 people for WCSL, yourself included, and continue to sacrifice for my beloved attendees.

Provided below are three tournaments I've hosted on AiB

West Coast Smash League

CGC@SFSU V (also a regional)


i've already found you on AIM
10:33 PM Mar 3 2009 2009
I'm Stupid
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I want this badge! I should probably host more bigger tournies though...and learn how to use tio XD NVM...
1:57 PM Mar 9 2009 2009
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I haven't hosted any tournaments on all is brawl, but I've run and helped run over 10 tournaments in the wisconsin area for Melee. Hopefully that will be enough, and I'll find you on AIM in hopes that that's enough, but I've never had any complaints from the tournaments I've run.
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5:27 PM Mar 27 2009 2009
-MAC- Miguel
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-MAC- Miguel Tournament Presenter, Moderator, and Proprietor
Hmm.. I need this Badge but I can't get AIM
Do I still Qualify without AIM?? icon_sad
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5:42 PM Mar 27 2009 2009
-MAC- Miguel
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-MAC- Miguel Tournament Presenter, Moderator, and Proprietor
I am the main host of all the tournaments but I do have some questions that I ask people for  help because everyone has to learn from somewhere or someone. I had joined and attend other tournaments before mine to get a good idea of what was to come. On my first tournament the guy who had brought the laptop had left early with TIO so we had to draw out the whole bracket. When I host my tournaments I do not mainly have one game to play, although I only have hosted Brawl tournaments I have side games to play such as Super Smash Bros. Melee, Soul Caliber 2, Guilty Gear, and Street Fighter 4. My main focus has been Brawl tournament wise but I plan to expand to Melee and Street Fighter 4. I always want people to feel comfortable while they wait and have fun at other games as well as Brawl.

818 Duck Hunt-NOHO Brawl Tournament-

The Justice League Presents-818 Brawl Vol.2-

The Justice League Presents-818 Brawl Vol. 2.5-

(I already uploaded the results for "The Justice League Presents-818 Brawl Vol. 2.5" should be up soon)

With many more tournaments to come, 3 more already in progress and one being tomorrow icon_smile. I plan to host a huge over 150 person tournament within these next few months. All thanks to All is Brawl!
10:21 PM Apr 22 2009 2009
Joined: Sep 2008

Im looking to be a Certified Host lol
i have only been hosting tournaments for the best 2 months (all on All is Brawl (online)) -not a good start- but feel I can be a great tournament host for online tournaments. <(^_^)>


Epic Scene Series:





Brigade of Warriors Tourney:




1. Epic Scene Tourney 5.0 (last)

2. BoW Tourney III

Im still planning on doing much more in upcoming time. LETS GO!
1:01 PM Apr 24 2009 2009
Joined: Nov 2007
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I'd like to obtain this badge.

I've been hosting tournaments for about 2 years, when I started helping a lot at Epita Smash Arena 1 (which isn't listed on AiB because the one in charge of the tio file lost it).
Then, I co-hosted the following tournaments :
  • Epita Smash Arena 2 (231 players) : This tournament was mostly a failure, even though we managed to run the two main events, but an addition of coincidences and co-hosts doing nothing made me run most things alone. (Yeah, this is a john, but I think it's legit).
  • Tournoi du Super Lion 3 (35 attendants) : I took care of the bracket and of running the various events. I only helped for everything else, but most of it was handeld by my co-hosts, the amazing porc and salepate. The Tournoi du Super Lion 4 is planned for this summer, too.
  • Epita Smash Arena 3 (108 attendants) : I directed pretty much everything during this tournament, but this time, unlike ESA2, I got help from others.
I also co-hosted the Open Brawl (64 players, but in fact 32 teams since it was a doubles tournament only). I didn't list it with the other tournaments because the main host wrote everything about this tournament in French.
And finally, I hosted many smashfests like this one (often bigger, though). On the whole, I think I have run 7 or 8 smashfests at my place with 10 to 24 attendants, and I've been making the brackets at every single Parisian smashfest I attended (about 15 or so). I also ran the Berlin power rankings smashfests while I was studying there.

I'm also the president of the French Smash players association (SSBUP), and I'm therefore always in touch with the competitive scene in France and Europe.

I guess that's it. I'll talk to you on AIM in a few days/weeks, so I can be sure you had time to read this.
10:29 AM May 1 2009 2009
Smash PhD
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Hello. I have been a voice of reason in many tournaments from collecting names to hosting just in case the host decided either not to come or leave early. I have hosted tournaments on multiple sites such as my clan(Fatal 5), the websites Smashbrawlrankings and Allisbrawl, and a bunch of others.

I repost brackets if new players come in and ask and I have quit or exited early from multiple tournaments to help cohost just in case there are any issues.
A tournament originally hosted by Reozeo before he left. He didn't get back to me so I sent in the request for this tournament. He was having problems since he entered everyone who registered for it instead of everyone in the chat. This lead to numerous byes and such a large TIO page that it was impossible to see. I chose to host it instead and got a 37 person tournament (odd number anyway) in exactly 4 hours which included re-setting up the brackets and multiple people either leaving or complaining.
The exact same thing happened here. The other tournament host never hosted so I hosted his tournaments and played it to his exact rules. This is to explain the rules of the tournament and why the name is odd.
New years tournament which I hosted at 12:05. Finished it in 2 hours with 22 people. This is just a normal tournament which I hosted as well.
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