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11:06 AM May 20 2008 2008
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What makes you a respectable smasher?
I believe that I am a respectable smasher because I try my best to help expand what we know about brawl and its techniques. I've made a bunch of videos demonstrating new techniques and have helped a ton of people out with their gameplay and how to play as peach. Weather I win or lose I still congratulate the opponent on their effort and I even tell them what they could've done to avoid the loss. I feel like I am pretty good and hope to see a lot of people at bigger tournaments when they come around.

What about you?
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1:35 PM May 20 2008 2008
Ho Ho Ho
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Even though I think that I'm respected only by a selected few who I've played, I think I can safely say that I am a respectable Smasher. Firstly, I always treat my opponents with respect: win or lose, campy and/or spammy, cocky or humble. Secondly, I'm usually just about having fun while maintaining a somewhat competitive nature. Finally, I always try my best to win my matches no matter how badly I'm being outplayed. I have a tendency to downplay myself, but I'm not a quitter. These qualities, I think, are what makes me a respectable Smasher.

Oh and I never sandbag, wait until a taunter finishes taunting and always let an Olimar user pull out his/her Pikmins first XD

P.S. @TC: I would like to have a few friendlies with you sometime, if you don't mind ^^
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2:12 PM May 20 2008 2008
Bio Desu
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bio is a respected smasher because bio really good at getting smash balls XD
bio is a respected smasher because bio able to repeat moves indefinitely XD
bio is a respected because bio respected smasher is XD
bio is a respected smasher because bio can beat the uber overlord geek squad captain at brawl XD
bios jk lol XD
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2:13 PM May 20 2008 2008
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Wait until a taunter finishes? No no. If you want to be any helpful, teach other smashers they should never taunt in the middle of a fight unless they do have enough time to taunt.
Whenever someone makes a mistake, punish it hard. Otherwise they'll never get good.
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2:43 PM May 20 2008 2008
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I have yet to start getting competitive with smash [first big in person tourney for me is this weekend], but from playing other games competitively - I'd have to say being mannered at all times.  Letting the loser be able to say good game and offer to shake your hand first (or you make the gesture first if you lost) lets the loser cope with their loss and enables them swallow their pride with no hard feelings.

Not cheering about your victory right infront of the person you just beat is pretty classy as well. 

Smash related - in for fun matches - if they're still taunting when I could punish them, I don't.  I don't harass a newly spawned Olimar before they get some pikmin.  I don't really share my current tricks, now, but I've showed 1 person most of them in an online tournement.  He promised not to tell - respect worthy in my eyes.
6:35 PM May 20 2008 2008
TM Mango
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A Respectful Smasher never puts anyone down or john after a match.
A Respectful Smasher always helps a friend test out or train with any character.
A Respectful Smasher is Respectful in anything he/she does, even if not playing smash.
A Respectful Smasher always takes their time to answer any questions.
A Respectful Smasher plays Smash for fun, not for competition.
A Respectful Smasher is friends with everybody, even those who hate or disrespect them.
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6:58 PM May 20 2008 2008
Joined: Oct 2007

-A respectful smasher simply says "good game" after a game, and conducts themselves in sportsmanship order. That is the first rule of being a respectable smash.

-Treat others as you want to be treated, and treat your opponents with respect, and be a good (roll model?) player. That is the second rule of respectable smash. It heavily ties in with the first rule

-If you're opponent didn't realize the match started, wait for them, or restart. And if you hurt them without knowing they weren't ready (for example), either restart, or stop attacking them. That is the third rule of respectful smash.

-If your opponent is being a rude a** hole, camping, etc., don't let it bug you, or say anything offensive (maybe calm them down=???), unless they get REALLY over the top or something. That is the fourth rule of respectful smash.

-Be respectful to any and everyone, regardless if you are facing them or even know them. That is the fifth rule of every match.

-Have some manners. Not neccissarily say "please and thank you" (well...sorta)...but just be polite to everyone. Again, treat others as you wish to be treated. Karma can either be great, okay, or a b****! That is the sixth rule of respectable smash.

-No Johns....cept me! :D That is the seventh rule of respectable smash.

-Have fun (or GTFO!). That is the eighth and final rule of respectable smash.

Win, lose, or draw, whether you are playing a casual, competitive, friendlies, tournaments, or whatever type of game, those are the rules of respectable smash. Live & Learn these rules. As for taunts, it's a free hit they let themselves (stupidy?) open for! XD
3:59 AM May 21 2008 2008
Joined: Mar 2007

I am a respectful smasher because:

I play to have fun.

I don't edgehog in friendlys if it'll get me an easy kill. if i miss an edgegaurd, it'll just make the game longer and more fun.

I'll never camp.

I will use the knee every chance i get.

I am always positive.

I alway let my opponent choice the stage.

In competitive play, I'll do my best.

That is what make me a respectful smasher.
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8:45 PM May 21 2008 2008
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1. Always try your best against someone(No sandbagging, so what if you 4(Melee) 3(Brawl) stock them)
2. Never money match

My 2 rules
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3:30 AM May 22 2008 2008
El Presidente
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11:33 AM May 22 2008 2008
Aegix Drakan
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icon_razz  I'm not 100% sure I belong here (I'm respectful...But I'm also a bit of an opportunist.  You trip, I smash), but I try to be respectful when Smashing.

my rules for being a respectful smasher are:

Under no circumstances do I put the other players down before, during or after a match.   A little taunting is fine.  After all, it's a fighting game, but I DO NOT attempt to make the other players feel inferior.

I do not edgehog recovering opponents unless they do it to me first.  (I'm looking at YOU, SEPIAN!).

I do not deliberately go for a 0% kill with the Dragoon.  Unless they're the only player left, or they're far in the lead, I don't try to go for a cheap kill.  (but lifting unsuspectin opponents offstage with the landmaster at 0% if fine by me.  icon_razz  if they're quick and realize what's hapenning, they can escape)

When up against a much weaker player, I do not own the living snot out of them.  I will tone down my game, and try to help them learn their game better.

If my opponents are distracted by something in real life (cell phone goes off, spider lands on their face, etc), I stop pursuing them until the distracotin it gone.

by the same token, I do not distract my opponents in real life with any physical contact.

When pausing, I announce that I'm pausing before I do.  When unpausing, I move the screen to show everyone, and do a countdown.

I do not cower.  Fleeing combat to get some breathing room or to grab an item is fine, but constantly running away and letting the other players kill my opponents for me is not in my strategy book.

Blasting human opponents off the stage by juggling helplessly them with the beam gun is only a strategy I use if they are waaay in the lead.  (or if they're cowering just offscreen...then they're practically BEGGING for me to do it.)

I don't go after taunting opponents just because they're vulnerable (I.E, if there's another player that's closer to me, that isn't taunting, I'll go for the one that's closer).  However, if they're in the middle of a fight, and they taunt right in front of me... I WILL hit them.

Whether I win or lose, it's all about the fun.  it's not about being better than the others.

lastly, even if my opponent beat me, or used a cheap strategy, I will refrain form cussing him/her out.

And those are most of the rules of respectable smash that I live by
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8:42 PM May 22 2008 2008
Baby, She's Got It
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Lets see...to me, I'm considered respected by the following:
1) Give it your all.
2) Let lose & have fun with the game.
3) Never competitave, & don't have cocky taunts, kind or just random taunts are better.
4) Never grab the edge when someone comes back to the stage, I think its cheap.
5) Its only a game, don't blame other people for why they won/lost, not cool.
6) Fight anyone & never put them down.
7) No johns.
[smile]8)[/smile] Be honest with yourself & others.
9) When u win/lose, say good game, no reason to cuss at people for losing.
10) Although lag ticks everyone off, it happens, so don't blame on the opponent for it.
11) Although if u fight a camper/spammer, they're just like anyone else, just having fun, & with me I'll fight anyone, except jerks who are way too competitive.
12) Respect others & the way they fight, even if they win by spamming/camping/being cheap.
13) If someone doesn't move during a fight, STOP! They just need to take care of something quickly, & as for me, I'll wait EVEN in a timed match when I'm losing.
14) If someone commits suicide by accident, I kill myself, cause winning when that happens just doesn't really feel like winning to me.
15) Don't critisize people if they keep using the same character over, they just like using that character, though it can get annoying sometimes, but again, don't critisise them, they have fun to, even when training with that character.

I know most of it repeats itself, but its what I believe I think is right.
10:11 AM May 23 2008 2008
Who Dat?
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I've beaten someone by using the same move over and over. He gets mad and walks away, I get a little frustrated that he acts that way. When he comes back and apologizes, I'm very receptive, shaking his hand, I have his number, and I then offer to help him beat that move.

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11:29 AM May 26 2008 2008
Mostly Harmless
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I think we are confusing "respectful", "respectable" and "respected"...
2:20 PM Jun 4 2008 2008
Joined: Mar 2008
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I am a respectful smasher because:

-I don't make stupid johns after a match.
-I always say good game after a match even if I get destroyed.
-I shake hands with my opponent after the set if they are up to it.
-I compliment my opponent on their strategies and skill with characters.
4:53 PM Jun 5 2008 2008
I Gots Jokes
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I am a respectful smasher because...

I give it my all

I have a laugh

I play to win

I don't put down my opponents. Occasional teasing is fine

I laugh when I lose

I congratulate my opponent when I lose.

I congratulate my opponent when I win.
6:37 PM Jun 6 2008 2008
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I follow the rules if there are any.

I don't dodge spam in matches, which is worse than using the same move over and over again becuase you wait to be attaked, dodge, then attack. Pretty much, I don't camp unless I'm trying to lay down a Claymore mine.

I show up on time and communicate.
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2:55 AM Jun 7 2008 2008
Joined: Oct 2007

I just remembered something. The most important rule of being a respectful smasher. If you do not follow this, you are NOT a respectful smasher by any meaning of the word.

-A respectful smasher ALWAYS fights for his/her/shims (for all you Shiek players! XD)/their friends, PERIOD!
12:13 PM Jun 7 2008 2008
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Ike: I fight for my friends.
2:50 PM Jun 7 2008 2008
People Know Me
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I am respectable because

* I don't john
* I usually always say good game
* If I ever do feel a little upset, I always try to stay quiet
* I always help new people get involved and practice
* I always laugh and call out combos that the other person gets
* I accept the fact that certain characters are better than others, and there is no reason to blame the loss on them.
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