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I have been using this site as a tool to prep for a class that I am taking this fall. I have already taken the beginner class for c++, which is basically an introduction to

functions / classes / loops / arrays

Here is the site:
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do nOT lissen to albertisbrawling ysers vol kake no nd yomama****endo they r consPIRING narcissists associated w/ the third reich thank u for ur patience
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Since the blog that essentially was going to be talking about this was locked [due to being based on a personal complaint], let's take that part out and just talk about it in more general terms.

Before the blog was locked I was about to reply to a comment in there, I'll post it as a comment of the blog after I post this, and then we can have a running dialogue and discussion about the site rules, rather than specific suggestions.
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i want to appropriate aib users vak eno and yshinndo thx
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This blog has been locked by a moderator.
Great site, I see the mods are taking lessons from gamefaqs mods.

[Mod edit: This is not the appropriate outlet for complaining about infractions.]
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My final tier list until I feel like doing tier lists for items and Poke Ball Pokemon in the other games in the series. Since Pokemon are generally really easy to dodge (especially in 1-on-1s), this tier list will ignore that factor, and will thus be based purely on how effective their attacks are when they actually connect. As with my other lists, please feel free to criticize or offer your own version.
SS: Kyogre
S: Latios & Latias (moved from A per Omega Tyrant), Electrode (moved from B per Omega Tyrant), Entei (moved from C per Omega Tyrant), Moltres, Deoxys, Suicune, Ho-oh, Lugia, Weavile
A: Snorlax (first hit especially), Metagross
B: Gulpin, Bellossom, Meowth
C: Piplup (back to C, per bananaslamma), Gardevoir, Bonsly, Torchic
D: Staryu (moved from B, per Omega Tyrant), Chikorita, Togepi, Groudon
E: Wobbuffet, Manaphy, Munchlax
F: Mew > Celebi > Jirachi (CDs > Trophies > Stickers; Jirachi becames more useful than either of them after you’ve collected every CD and Trophy, however), Goldeen
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This is a blog regarding how Prey tried to scam me from all the credit that was put into the AD innovation ideas (ex: The so called "Art a thon" that he gave it)

Quote (originally posted by Prey the Sig Wish Maker):
Credit for Lacked was just added, but honestly he didn't do much in my opinion.

Ok lets break this down
I should of posted this a week ago but...
I'm not going to wait for the mods to officially expose you while you spread this nonsense
[2014-07-31 12:51:44 AM] Lackedtose Intolerance: ok so u probably read the article Prey wrote on the front page right?
[2014-07-31 12:52:24 AM] Lackedtose Intolerance: and u prob know we Prey and I did collaborate on this project
[2014-07-31 12:53:29 AM] Lackedtose Intolerance: However, im apparently not co-hosting anything related to these events even tho I put in work
[2014-07-31 12:53:58 AM] Lackedtose Intolerance: So in a way, I went from doing a lot of work for the AD to only get my work stolen by Prey...
[2014-07-31 12:54:19 AM] Lackedtose Intolerance: and when I asked ross to ask him why this happened
[2014-07-31 12:54:27 AM] Lackedtose Intolerance: [July 30, 2014 8:51 PM] FaZe | Ross:
<<< our orginal idea was the Art Ladder which was pretty different than the Art-a-thon which is my idea, and I wanted him to co-host with me and he said he can do the Bi Weekly updates but Kimmy said I have to do it since I'm the host, so he can't really do anything except hosts the contests
[July 30, 2014 8:50 PM] Prey:
<<< I did 90% of the work
[2014-07-31 12:54:51 AM] Lackedtose Intolerance: this statement totally goes against what really happened and I have screenshot evidence to prove that
First off:
[2014-07-31 12:57:22 AM] Lackedtose Intolerance: I was the one who originally thought of the idea
[2014-07-31 12:58:09 AM] Lackedtose Intolerance:

[2014-07-31 12:58:19 AM] Lackedtose Intolerance: shows that I was the first 1 to state the idea
[2014-07-31 12:58:52 AM] Lackedtose Intolerance: 2) The ladder system and ARt a thon are exactly the samething...
[2014-07-31 12:59:04 AM] Lackedtose Intolerance: he just changed the point system numbers and gave it that name...
[2014-07-31 12:59:32 AM] Lackedtose Intolerance:
[2014-07-31 12:59:41 AM] Lackedtose Intolerance: this was the original google doc we worked on
[2014-07-31 12:59:48 AM] Lackedtose Intolerance: comparing it to the article
[2014-07-31 12:59:55 AM] Lackedtose Intolerance:
[2014-07-31 12:59:57 AM] Lackedtose Intolerance: all he really did
[2014-07-31 1:00:04 AM] Lackedtose Intolerance: was just change the ladder score numbers
[2014-07-31 1:00:27 AM] Lackedtose Intolerance: from 10, 7, 5 to 5,3,1
[2014-07-31 1:00:36 AM] Lackedtose Intolerance: and gave it a name
***Taking the idea and changing a few numbers is so not stealing right Prey? AIB did that for the Colour Crew Battle Beta Event and got into trouble for it since it wasn't their idea... this is exactly the same situation.***
and the part where he said
[2014-07-31 1:01:28 AM] Lackedtose Intolerance: [July 31, 2014 12:54 AM] Lackedtose Intolerance:
<<<  I wanted him to co-host with me and he said he can do the Bi Weekly updates but Kimmy said I have to do it since I'm the host, so he can't really do anything except hosts the contests
[2014-07-31 1:02:09 AM] Lackedtose Intolerance: yes its true he did say he would co-host with me
[2014-07-31 1:03:14 AM] Lackedtose Intolerance: but I never got any official word from kimmy or ej from chat that said I couldn't
[2014-07-31 1:03:39 AM] Lackedtose Intolerance: moreover, shouldn't I be the 1 who hosts it considering it was my idea in the first place
[2014-07-31 1:42:29 AM] SGOlympian: btw Kimmy was wrong
[2014-07-31 1:42:32 AM] SGOlympian: you both can co-host
[2014-07-31 1:43:28 AM] Lackedtose Intolerance: wtf
[2014-07-31 1:43:41 AM] Lackedtose Intolerance: why did Prey say I cant...
***Please explain why when SGO asked Foodies, she stated that Kimmy allowed both of us could co-host this... but you told me we couldn't...***
***Or explain to me why did you not even considering inviting me to the chat with Ej/Kim on skype after we thought of all of our ideas...
Frankly, you only contacted me when you said you were going to write the article as well as after writing the article. All that time in between, I have not heard a word from you about anything relating to idea changes or conversation talks with Kim/Ej.***
[2014-07-31 1:04:11 AM] Lackedtose Intolerance: lastly, the part that ticks me off the most
[2014-07-31 1:04:18 AM] Lackedtose Intolerance: where he said
[2014-07-31 1:04:21 AM] Lackedtose Intolerance: I did 90% of the work
[2014-07-31 1:04:36 AM] Lackedtose Intolerance: from all our conversations
[2014-07-31 1:04:47 AM] Lackedtose Intolerance: we summed it down to
[2014-07-31 1:05:00 AM] Lackedtose Intolerance: I thought of the idea for the ladder system and the speed art idea
[2014-07-31 1:05:06 AM] Lackedtose Intolerance: and he thought of the render of the month idea
[2014-07-31 1:05:16 AM] Lackedtose Intolerance: i can screen the chat too if u want but its long
[2014-07-31 1:05:47 AM] Lackedtose Intolerance: the speed art idea got scrapped but the ladder system was mine to begin with but Prey is taking all the credit for it
[2014-07-31 1:06:40 AM] Lackedtose Intolerance: Like im not sure what to do besides trying to get things cleared up
[2014-07-31 1:07:04 AM] Lackedtose Intolerance: b/c even if I do get my desire to cohost
[2014-07-31 1:07:14 AM] SGOlympian: You know what's even worse
[2014-07-31 1:07:19 AM] Lackedtose Intolerance: I probably wouldn't want to cooperate with Prey no more after what he has done
[2014-07-31 1:07:21 AM] SGOlympian: He gets the correspondant badge and you don't.
[2014-07-31 1:07:26 AM] Lackedtose Intolerance: yea...
*b/c I would be dumb enough to suggest making a prerendered editing contest(Prey's idea at first until he tweaked it when Foodies said it was not a good contest)... right Prey?*
Nonetheless, I don't plan on gaining anything from this besides showing what really transpired here.
Although the ladder was the most relevant suggestion, I became very lenient with letting you taking some credit for it to since I wanted us to do this event together... but that obviously didn't happen since you attempted to claim this for yourself.
I trusted you and you took advantage of that by backstabbing me to benefit yourself.
We'll if you think you were going to get away with this, think again. I will NOT tolerate this nonsense from anyone!
You have lost all of my respect for you as well destroyed this friendship. I hope you are content with yourself.
Just goes to show, you shouldn't trust anyone until you get to know the person on a personal level...
Have a good day~
P.S. I know this would probably cause a lot of chaos and drama, but this is ludicrous if this was to be done in secrecy. I'm trying to warn people from making the same mistake I had by trusting people like Prey and the best way to do that is to expose them in public. I don't see how we can make AIB better if we can't fix the current problems right in front of us.

Pt 2 (His story)

Ok, so he acknowledges that he was wrong to snake me. Enough said, I got what I wanted out of this.

As for this, that is unfortunate. Didn't expect him to do that but w/e it's his choice. He should of saw what was coming to him.

Regarding the "Art a thon," Idek what to do at this point. I don't have any plan on taking over my stolen event which is now called the "Art a Thon" anytime soon. In addition, I definitely don't have plans with working with Prey no more. I can't give a definite answer to whats going to happen from here on out, but perhaps I will give the rights to it to my bro Kurei. I trust my bud with this if he is willing to do it and perhaps I might come back to co-host with him. Welp either way, this is also up to the AD mods to decide, or whoever might be in charge.
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Here's a tier list I made for the Assist Trophies in Brawl. I ordered them based on how effective they are in FFAs and 1-on-1s. Feel free to criticize my list or offer your own version.

SS: -
S:  Shadow (moved from A, per Omega Tyrant), Knuckle Joe (moved from SS, per OT)
A: Gray Fox (moved from B per OT), Lyn, Ray MK III, Waluigi
B: Little Mac, Samurai Goroh, Isaac (moved from S tier, per reasons stated by almost everyone), Jill, Jeff
C: Saki (moved from B per OT), Andross (moved from A per OT), Metroid (moved from D tier), Kat & Ana, Lakitu & Spinies
D: Hammer Bro (moved from C per OT), Infantry & Tanks, Excitebikes
E: Starfy
F: Tingle, Devil, Helirin, Barbara (moved from D tier), Mr. Resetti, Nintendog, Dr. Wright (moved from D tier per Zork)
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As a Melee lover and former competitive Brawl player, I'm okay with this. I'm PERFECTLY okay with this. I never played Melee competitively until this year. I always played it the way I play Brawl - fun with physics, smashes, and the occasional combo. But Brawl? I used to love it, but it's honestly filled to the rim with BS on a competitive level. The character balance is scattered all over the place and the tripping is just stupid as hell. It was made to spite competitive players. Melee won my respect because I loved having combos and the roster was more balanced.

Sakurai is addressing everything here. Keeping it from being too casual by removing tripping and balancing the roster, keeping it from being too competitive by not having wavedashing and L-Canceling, and still making it fun and inviting.

I don't like advanced tactics in Melee. I learn them just so I can keep up, honestly. If I could play Melee like Brawl, but without the tripping, I'd do just that. I prefer Brawl's style, but I prefer Melee's speed and balance. SSB4 is delivering both.
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And his new hair is amazing.

If you're feeling nostalgic, you can go for his Ocarina & Twilight Princess looks, too.
Also, Zant & Ghirahim are indeed playable, as well, so more males for you!

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and lose.

....a-anybody ;-;

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I just got my tickets too day ****ing hyped as ****!!!!!
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I made a tier list for Super Smash Bros. Brawl's items. I've accounted for the effectiveness of each item in free-for-alls and 1-on-1s under the premises that every other item is "on" as well and every character has access to them. I also take into account the chance of an item malfunctioning (Golden Squeaky Hammer, Lightning Bolt, Timer). Feel free to criticize or present a list of your own.

SS: Starman (edit; moved from A tier), Hammer Head, Smash Ball, Banana Peel, Power Suit Pieces, Hand Grenade

S: Assist Trophy, Home-Run Bat, Green Shell (edit; moved from A tier), Gyromite, Fan, Franklin Badge, Wario Bike (useful for recovering and ramming much moreso than throwing), Star Rod, Heart Container, Dragoon

A: Maxim Tomato, Metal Box, Super Mushroom, Bumper, Poke Ball, Bob-omb, Motion Sensor Bomb, Bomb (Toon Link), Vegetable (Peach's turnips), Pitfall, Capsule, Wario Bike wheel (rear)

B: Wario Bike wheel (front), Freezie, Gooey Bomb, Bomb (Link), Super Scope, Deku Nut, Barrel, Crate, Lip’s Stick, Pellet (10)

C: Soccer Ball, Ray Gun, Smart Bomb, Food (including Ice Climber vegetables and Peanuts), Timer (edit; moved from D tier), Warp Star, Hothead, Unira, Beam Sword, Pellet (5), Golden Hammer (edit; moved from A tier), Blast Box

D: Cracker Launcher, Party Ball, Sandbag, Spring, Peanut Shell, Pellet (1), Snake's cardboard box, Hammer (edit; moved from A tier)

E(w): Screw Attack, Mr. Saturn

F, as in "f**king bullsh**": Superspicy Curry, Fire Flower, Poison Mushroom, Lightning Bolt, Bunny Hood, Team Healer, Smoke Ball

Honorable mentions: Stock Ball (would be a broken item in versus mode survival matches, is the most useful SSE-specific item though), Key (can do damage, but would be nearly useless in VS. mode obviously), Trophy Stand (warm up lag is annoying and it barely does damage, would probably be useless in VS. mode because you can’t damage actual characters, only SSE enemies)

Omitted for obvious reasons: CDs, Trophies, Stickers, Coins and Bills (ordered by importance)

Omitted for future lists: Bonsly, Electrode
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Just those two at the moment Does anyone have them?
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So this past weekend I volunteered for New Orleans Mechacon X!!! It is the 10th one in this great city, and they really did it big. Our headliners was the Teen Titans!!

Yes!! FREAKIN TEEN TITANS! Khary Payton (Cyborg), Tara Strong (Raven), Scott Menville (Robin), Hynden Walch (Starfire), and Greg Cipes (Beast Boy)!!!!

Like I was sooo excited to do this event. Last year we had the Power Rangers, and I got a chance to make an impression on all of the calling Johnny Young Bosh "white". It was hilarious and everyone remembered me from that....even all of the power rangers cast. I even got to play guitar in Johnny's band EYESHINE....and I can't play a lick. It was an awesome weekend from last year.


This year was alot different in many ways. First of all, I didn't pay to get in. I decided to volunteer for the event and help out in as many ways as I can. I came early on Thursday to help load in the dealers/merchants stuff. Took a long while but it was worth every second. Got to see alot of cool anime merchandise.

Now on to the weekend. I volunteered for a few hours and got a free pass for the rest of the day. My cosplay choice was Iceman from X-Men Legends:


However it didn't turn out soo good. I did the body paint wrong and I was shedding "Ice" everywhere. Even on people. Everyone literally thought I had one of the coolest costumes there. One thought I was a mixture of Iceman, Colossus (cuz of my size), and Electro (cuz im black yall!!)

Anywho, so around 4:30 I go to the game room and they started running a Smash Brawl tournament; however, I was a tad too late to join....supposedly. After some people just didn't show up, the tournament organizer decided to let me in since everyone was cool with it. My first match was against a Dee Dee Dee. Dude was aight but I was hella rusty since I haven't played this game in months. I did win the match due to Dee Dee Dee switching animation right before the ledge grab, causing him to miss it completely. After a few other tough matches, I won the whole thing! I am now officially 1-4 in Smash tournament finals icon_biggrin

I did win $50, a GTA5 poster (whack lol) and a nice Naruto shirt with Sasuke and Itachi on the front & the Uchiha emblem on the back.

Afterwards, some turd brains wanted to MM me for my winnings, since they didn't enter the tournament either. I was like "Yo I don't do that stuff, but I am cool with playing you for friendies". He was like "Oh its okay man. I know some people be scared of doing MM"...........I wanted to punch that kid in the freakin face. It's a shame that people would stoop that low just to supposedly get $50 from me. Sad sad day indeed, but I still can gloat in my victory. However I did lose to the champion in another tournament soon after. It was FFA though so it didn't really matter to me ^_^

So saturday comes and the volunteer staff manager allowed me to be on Security. I had to help with registration, clearing the way for new registrants to fully register for Mechacon. I felt like a jerk yelling at people, but it was all worth it. I did miss the Teen Titans panel (which I heard was freakin awesome).

After the line cleared down to a few people, they moved me to the signing room where the Titans were all there. Never before have I seen people pay soo much freakin money for just a signature. It was $20 a pop, which is rediculous to me, but hey I am just the security guard. I was posted by Hynden's booth first. She has such a kind heart, and she actually remembers some of the people that seen her last year, where she was the only Titan there. I got a chance to see how kind she was....however she didn't want to take pictures, and I respected that. Still an awesome person.

Khary and Scott were awesome. Their natural voices is just like the Titans, especially Scott. It was like Robin was right there with me.....and yes I surely expressed that to him lol. He laughed and we talked for a bit. Khary was the coolest of them all though. He allowed people to take pictures for free, and gave out soo many hugs. This dude made my whole weekend. So thoughtful of the people who drove hours just to meet the Teen Titans. Hynden even came to his booth a few times, and he jokingly scolded me for not being a good security guard. I then went ham and "escorted" Hynden out of the booth. It was hilarious, and I never thought I would even be in any type of convo with them.

I didn't get to hang with Greg Cipes much, but I did get a chance to tell him thanks for coming out to N.O.. He then gave me a hug and a free armband. 

Now last but not least, TARA STRONG!!! Gosh this woman looks good for her age. I had a blast meeting her, especially since my friend Derek Rice (he is on AiB, but I cant remember his username) loves her alot. I was kinda scared to get a pic since she didn't allow people past her table to get a close pic. For everyone it was kinda... "I lean over and we almost touch, but its $10 a picture" type of deal. Kinda jerky but hey these people make money. Who am I to pout?

At the end when they all were done, I helped her pack up, and she even gave me an autograph, as well as allowing me to get a picture (note my avi). It was soo awesome to freakin meet these people. Some of the fans had some awesome artwork to get their signatures, and the Titans all loved it!:

I missed the concert that night though....I had a wedding to go to. It kinda sucked cuz I was late for it and I missed the ceremony. The reception was kinda whack cuz they played alot of "white" music. I did get to see alot of my friends though.

Sunday was the last day. I got to meet and take pictures with Tiffany Grant, Jonathan Klein, and Andrea Romano. I thanked them all for coming to New Orleans and making this weekend soo awesome. Supposedly Spike Spencer was there, but I didn't even know who he was until after he left. FREAKIN SPIKE SPENCER?!!!! Im trippin yo. Steve Yun was there too, and I got to meet Greg Weisman, the writer for alot of cartoons you see these days, including YOUNG JUSTICE! I met him last year. I think he remembered me......maybe maybe not lol but its still awesome that these people would come out to little New Orleans just for us. They are soo awesome:



I had such a blast working with Mechacon X this year, and I definitely wanna do Comicon in February! I met so many people that I have wanted to meet in the past year that I now have hope for my future. I can't wait till I have a chance to do the same to fans if I become famous for the things I will achieve. Side note......VOLUNTEER FOR THESE EVENTS!!! You pretty much get a free pass to take pics or videos n stuff. Soo awesome yall! I will upload more cosplay stuff, but I have work lol

Imma do that for later on today. I even got to keep my volunteer badge and security shirt (which was an accident cuz I left early with it on ^_^ )
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-dedede only throws gordos now
-waddle dee has been a main character in kirby for quite some time
-his latest iteration has a bandanna which seperates him from other npc waddle dees
-sakurai made kirby so he has a bias
-if we include meta knight that makes 4 kirby characters which is a fair number

your thoughts?
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