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For the people that play Pokemon, I'd like to ask you  to participate in  this pokemon tournament. If you use 3DS, if you'd like to participate, transfer your team into showdown. The tournament will take place in tourney chat 4 and please don't  blow this off  and all the information will be in the tourney link.

Tourney link : 
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Just when you think SGO couldn't have more trivia it proves you wrong. This is an official SGOV event so come on by to get some points on the SGOV ladder.

Time: 8 PM EST
Chat: Site Event Chat

See you there!
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So, someone tell me, how does MK8 relate to Smash? Especially SSB64.
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so next week i am buying Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U but i have been wondering if you download the free game mentioned for example Wind Waker HD does that give you Nintendo coins at Club Nintendo? i always have been wondering about free DLC games so i just wanted to know. THX icon_biggrin
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Many suppose flesh-eating viruses are something only seen in low-budget sci-fi flicks, but they are very real, spread quickly, and show up in all regions of the country. These new forms of flesh-gobbling bacteria have evolved into mutant strains that are increasingly resistant to antibiotics. In Texas, during the summer of 2004, forty were infected and eight died after one man went fishing at Lake Titicaca, Bolivia, and suffered a minor cut oh his arm. The cut festered with Vibrio bacteria, and once he returned to the States it spread quickly to all he contacted. Pneumonia and heart failure followed within days. The skin of the dead looked as though it was burned by acid.

According to Dr. Loren G Miller of the Biomedical Research Institute at Harbor- UCLA Medical Center, "[Flesh-eating viruses] is about as serious an infection disease emergency as you can get." Diagnosis must be accurate the first time, as it was for a Buffalo police officer who nearly died from Escherichia coli, another type of flesh-eating bacteria. He contracted it while searching through a trash can for evidence in the spring of 2004, one of the lucky ones, the police officer took only six months to recuperate in the hospital before returning to work. However, even when caught early and treated with the correct antibiotics, chances of coming away unscratched are slim. Reconstructive surgery is almost always necessary.

To save one New Haven high school football player's life from necrotizing fasciitis he caught from a skin chafe he received at practice, doctors had to amputate both of his legs and one of his upper arm muscles. Another New Jersey man, age forty-five, was killed by a tiny cut on his thumb nine days after contracting flesh-eating virus beta hemolytic strep A from rental tool equipment. Despite attempt to remove vast amounts of infected flesh, he died. In spring of 2004, forty-seven people died in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and five nursing homes residents in Gainesville, Florida, died from other strains of bacteria. The only clue that some sort of flesh-eating virus has infected your skin is to check around a fresh cut. Look for small black dots to appear as the wound begins to heal.

When Aspirin Won't Help

In 1998, an otherwise healthy twenty-three-year-old from Sheffield Illinois, went to bed nursing a bad toothache. Three days later his family found him dead. An autopsy revealed that his tooth decay was actually a flesh-eating necrotizing fasciitis known as "galloping gangrene." The infection had spread rapidly to his neck and chest, killing him. The young man had a propensity for chewing on pens and not washing his hands, a typical way mouth-necrotizing fasciitis is spread.

Deaths From Various Flesh
Eating Bacteria
Since 1965: 34,833
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This is the game that really made Bethesda into the open-world adventure king we know today. Daggerfall is gigantic when it comes to the landscape and content(even up against Morrowind), but the graphics and limitations at the time hindered the actual experience. Morrowind is what spawned the Elder Scrolls craze in my eyes. It was really innovative in it's approach to the adventure genre and the map had variation and an allure to it. The map itself was divided into regions like the Ascadian Isles and the Grazelands(each region was unique and had different societies and ecosystems included). The main selling point of the game for me is the amount of depth and content available(even in the base game). One thing is for certain... everytime you play this game something you haven't seen before may happen and the final outcome will be much different than previous saves. The only thing that keeps this below a perfect are glitches up the *** and an rng based hit mechanic(the dice rolls tend to be bad at early levels). There are things in this game that you can abuse(glitches, boots of blinding speed, levitation), but if you play without these things the game will challenge you and immerse you(also the enemies don't level so you will die a lot if you venture too far into unknown territory). The game even stands today with updated graphics and mods(yay fans).

Daggerfall- 90/100

I haven't played this game enough to give it an accurate rating so i'll go off of other's opinions. I will probably play this more in the future as i'm told it is potentially better than tes3.

Skyrim- 75/100

fus ro dah and arrow in the knee aside this game outshines tes4 in many ways. Skyrim adopted a lot of the bad AND good things of Oblivion and added more to the bunch. The game itself is beautiful, but like Oblivion it's just mountains and trees plus dragons I guess. I enjoyed it though and it is the only game I ever finished completely(if you consider xbox cheevos as completion). It would be a better game if quick travel and cursor waypoints didn't exist... Oblivion really destroyed the venturing aspect of tes.

Oblivion- 60/100

The map is small and filled with trees and trolls and not much else. The waypoints guide you to your "quest". Skyrim and Oblivion both have leveled enemies, but in Oblivion the highest difficulty is a joke(in Skyrim it is as well, but only with the bow crits). The worst thing about this game is the stealth skill. You can literally stand in front of the enemy while stealthed and they will not notice you. If you enjoy shining a whole dungeon and shooting idle npcs for 1 hit ko crits by all means play this game.

I've never played Arena so can't rate it. I clocked in at 1k hrs on Morrowind and sit at around 200 on Skyrim so those are the two i've played the most. I still discover new things in Morrowind, but in Skyrim i've found/completed everything... new games tend to suck lol.
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Merrimack NH 515 daniel webster highway august 2nd 3pm 
(local tourney with maybe 15 entrants including the usual rhode islanders)

Ledyard CT  foxwoods casino GUTS 3 september 19-21
(potentially a regional? or even national? smashachusetts used to have 80 entrants and ally/mew2king/dabuz/etc used to come, maybe it will be something like that tourney) 

post if u want to come to tourneys or if u have any tourneys to add
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Hot pockets or Pizza Rolls??? 



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Just wanted to make a quick blog to ask you guys if you think that AiB will pick up again and be extremely active like it once was with Brawl? Will SSB4 revive this place? Let me know what you think!
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Who are in your top 3? They don't have to be currently alive.

1. Michael Jordan: My hero growing up. I'd like to go 1v1 with him, but at least I'd just like to see him in person.

2. Kana Hanazawa: My favorite voice actress.

3. Shigeru Miyamoto: The man, the myth, the Miyamoto.
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For anyone who won't revieve alerts, I have figured out the salution.
Simply turn your notifications on, the alerts malfuntion. Simply uncheck that box.

NOTE: For anybody who has the glitch with there box already unchecked, try checking it and then uncheck.

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It's nice, right? Switching around the colors of some of these new characters may end up switching their gender. If they can talk, their voices get changed to go along with their new gender.

But what I should've known already is that the Ice Climbers technically did the exact same thing first.

In Melee, the last 2 colors in this lineup made Nana the controller leader, and Popo the following CPU.

The same thing happens in Brawl with the 2nd, 4th, & 6th colors here, except their artwork in Brawl always had Popo leading and Nana following.

Sakurai allowed more characters than just Wario to have alt outfits, AND allowed more than just the Ice Climbers to swap genders. Marth was originally going to get both at once in regards to Lucina.

The main differences is that the new genderswaps always keep their same name, and don't have to rely on a twin following them around to further confirm their own gender and their own name. Also, according to Smash 4, both genders (or at least those of the Wii Fit Trainer, so far) can use the same colors for themselves.

Food for thought.
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Just curious.

On and who uses it more than a PC
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1. Robin

2. Lucina

3. Greninja

4. Mega Man

5. Pac-Man

6. Little Mac

7. Rosalina & Luma
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Yamitheruler15 (First)

Yami No Suisei


Shadow The Hedgehog


Light Yakamura 

The first name I used was my profile on Tournament Front and my Justin TV before Twitch became popular.  I was 15 when I started playing WiFi excessively on Brawl.

The second name is my first name change and my PS3 account name.

The 3rd name is my favorite.  Because it's actually a name.  

I know some of you guys change your names like every 6 months.  I'd like to know your names too.   Since you guys like to go ****ing incognito.
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-search google for some c4 ****ing  d
-more c4ds to top it off
-man put some blur and **** on that too
-make it super bright
-blur the edges of your .png to get rid of bad lasso/magic tool cuts

If you wanna mak a cool sig make a new layer and change the whole .png to a solid glow color and put it behind the original its awesome

You are now a unique and talented artist! cant wait to see ur sick graph6x c:
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For the people that listen to my music playlist frequently would know that I updated it. [ I update it everyday or bi daily ] 

If you want to listen to it here's  the link : BPF's Music Playlist
Hope you find a song in there that you enjoy!! 
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Alright! This is a guide to help people who are interested at becoming better at GFX with Photoshop.

EVERYONE is an artist. I didn't think I was 1 either 8 months ago... but look at me now LOL. For everyone who even has the slightest interest in GFX or making GFX; this is the blog for YOU !

Something to keep in mind is that learning GFX is not something you can learn within a day. This requires a lot of time and practice to hone and master. (I've only been doing GFX for approximately 8months and I am still learning a lot)

Keep in mind, I am not the best GFX artist out there. I simply like doing GFX as a hobby and I am willing to help AIB members who are interested in this field to develop their skills along with me. 

Ex: Latest Sigs


Nonetheless, lets get started with this guide!

1) Have Photoshop (Any version would do --->

[DOWNLOAD for Photoshop CS 5 Extended + the cracked .dll file]  <--- Credits to Ryuga for the DL link

For people who don't have winrar to extract the files, here is download link.

Step 1) Download Photoshop CS 5 from the link above

Step 2) Extract the .rar file using winrar

Step 3) Run the photoshop setup (Install photoshop only)

Step 4) Disconnect from Wifi

Step 5) Place the .DLL file (crack) into the directory of your photoshop.
(If it asks you to replace the .DDL file, then replace it.)

6) Run photoshop as ADMINISTRATOR!!!(Right click Photoshop and hit run as administrator)  -> ignore signing up with an adobe account -> complete the registration process.

7)Enjoy your FULL version of Photoshop CS 5 Extended Edition icon_biggrin

***When you replace the .dll file, disconnect from wifi and then install it***

If you are still having problems activating photoshop, download Adobe Tool 3.6 or 3.7(Program registers all adobe products). <--- Assuming you followed the first video and got the unregistered version of photoshop)

Video Guide Tutorial on Adobe Tool
Adobe Tool Download

2) Have an open, creative mind! (People all have different perspectives on art; hence you should make YOUR art the way YOU like it.)

3) Be diligent! (Learning GFX is sometimes really frustrating when it comes to thinking of ideas and making the art "flow". Don't give up! Ask for advice/suggestions, look up video guides, and look at other sigs to help gain ideas. You will get better in time with all the practice you do.) <-- (Coming from personal experience)

4) Have fun! (GFX is suppose to be fun. So put on some music and start photoshopping!)


Step 1) Decide on what you want to make. This includes : Picking out renders(Pictures), and the dimensions you want.

*Renders include: C4D's, Vectors, Abstract Backgrounds, etc.*
*Vectors can also be found as predefined, downloadable brushes* 

What are C4Ds? 
What are Vectors?
What are Abstract Backgrounds?

***All these renders can be searched and downloaded off google or you can download them off resource packs on deviantart***

Resource Packs that I like
1) Pack 1
2) Pack 2 (Vector)

To start a new project, Go to File -> New...

ex: 500x250 pixels is common when making signatures but the dimensions are completely up to you.

Step 2) Pick a GFX "style" you want to use. Start placing your renders in positions that you like. (Layers ontop of layers...use common sense to determine which picture would appear first if 1 render was on top of the other)

ex:Video Examples

C4D Style 
Vector Style
Abstract Style

***You can also combine styles together***

*Some basic techniques to use as well:

1) Ctrl+u: allows you to change the hue, saturation, and brightness (Basically you can change the colour of any picture) 

^There is also the colourize option if you want to make a render the same colour throughout

2) Marquee Tool + Any Shape/line Tool : A multipurpose tool which can be used to select sections to colour, erase, and etc.

***Just saying this right now... the shape, line, or any tool under that section... they do not make the shapes. They are simply for outlining which can be made intro shapes. You can then fill the outlined shape with colour by using the paint bucket or brush. ***

***Just something that I think people might have trouble with but, if you are trying to get rid of the dotted outline you made, input CTRL+D to deselect***

3) Ctrl + T:  This command allows you to change the size of any picture by dragging the corners or sides. Moreover, this allows you to rotate any image as well as invert them.

To maintain aspect ratio, drag the corners while holding shift*

*Making a small render bigger will reduce the resolution quality... so try to get the largest possible render*

 4) Paint Bucket and Paint Brush: Pretty self explanatory. Paint bucket to fill in parts of the picture with a colour of your choice and the Paint Brush to colour using a brush... 

However... there are different brushes to use such as the soft brush which has many different uses. Ill let you guys try out all the different brushes icon_razz

*Vectors that are downloaded are part of brushes, so if you wanted to use a vector you downloaded, go to paint brush and select the vector brush you want to use in the upper left corner* 

5) Text:
You put text on your signature. Simply select the text tool and pick the right font, colour and the size you want.

*Tutorial on how to make 3D text on Photoshop*

*Fonts can be downloaded here...*
6) Layer Effects: This is where you can add some basic effects such as: glows, gradients, outlines, and shadows. (Really good for text, vectors, and character renders). Play around with some of them to find out each function!

7) Layer Types + Opacity/Fill:
Changing the layers would change the way the picture appears. Example: changing an effect render from normal -> screen would drastically change the appearance like so...


Opacity/Fill: changes how much you can see the picture... hence if you decrease the opacity or fill, you will see less of it and it would seem more transparent. Experiment with these tools to find something you like. 

8) Eraser tool : Pretty self explanatory again... its like paint brush but it erases...


9) Duplicate Layer(Ctrl+J) : Holding Ctrl + J allows you to make an exact copy of the current layer you selected. Saves a lot of time from making new layers of the exact same layer.

10) Clipping Masks: Allows you to "clip" or "put a layer inside another layer". To do this, hold alt between the 2 layers you want to clip (near the line) and click when you see 2 circles overlapping each other. This works with any type of layers; from text, renders, effects and etc. A good example would be...


11) Undo(CTRL+Z or CTRL+SHIFT+Z): Probably the tool you will use the most when you are a beginner. CTRL Z brings you back to your last previous step. CTRL +SHIFT+Z brings you back steps beyond the previous step. 

12) New Layers + Locks : New layers are important if you want to make new individual shapes, vectors, effects, or renders. Its best if you have a separate layer for each so you can work with each individually. Nonetheless, to make a new layer, press the page icon with 1 corner raised up (Besided the trash can) to make a new TRANSPARENT layer.

If you see a lock icon beside your layer, it means that the layer CANNOT be edited. You can however remove that lock by dragging the lock icon from the layer to the trash can(beside new layer). If you want to put a lock on a layer, click on the lock icon above the layer palette.

Step 3)
Give some your sig some minor adjustments/filters                                   
There are some tools that can make your sig a lot better such as gradient maps, gaussian blur, and etc. Experiment with them or read other detailed blogs to learn what each tool does.

***Before you add adjustments/filters, make a layer of your sig with everything you've done by inputting+holding: (Ctrl+alt+shift+E) .This will make 1 layer of all ur renders and effects put together. With this layer, you can then start adding adjustments/filters.*** 

Step 4)
Save and Export your work icon_biggrin!
File/Save as/ Whatever file you want

*Typically, PNG has the best image quality. PSD is just the photoshop file*  <--- Recommend saving both PSD and PNG so you can come back and while having a file to use.

Well... this concludes this basic guide on how to learn/get better at GFX.

Any images in the tutorial that you find small can be enlarged by right clicking the picture and opening it in a new tab

Might do an advanced guide in the future

Please post any questions regarding this blog.

Thanks for reading and happy photoshopping~ 


I will be updating the blog ever once in the while for fixes and more content  

Anyone who wants help or anything is free to contact me through skype or aib

Skype: xLustrous 
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