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Anyone knows how to input Infinite replay hack codes in?
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Quest has won a ladder. Beat some of the best Wi-Fi players... Only thing that stands in his way are these two Wifi Gods.

At Equinox: Summer Breeze I present to you...

Cody vs The Wifi MK Gods, will he fall like the rest? Or will he become a Wifi God?
Tune in Sunday to find out!

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Fighting to save the WORLD
The super fighting robot
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I'm just a novice pkmn battler, but look at these and tell me. These overkills have got to be a fluke, right?


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Melee is 100 mph, P:M is 95 mph, Smash 4 is like 90 mph, and Brawl is a stop sign.

I haven't played the demo yet but the game looks fast-paced and very promising. Smash 4 will be miles better than Brawl, I can already tell.
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Agitha is cute but I think there could have been a better choice.
Need some males too. x__x

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Funnily weeaboonese attracts people.

When will a mod give me the Actually a Dude and Confirmed Chick badge? Do some justice to us gender confused people.

This is a serious blog.
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His health issues are forcing him to hang up the mic. It's very sad to see such a legendary figure in the Smash community have to retire.

He'll commentate one last time at this upcoming EVO 2014.

Pulled from smashboards, read it up there too:
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Heya everyone! (I know Mouse posted this minutes earlier in another blog, but I figured to go in-depth anyway.)

So... after maybe over a year or so, I've noticed that some hosts have been having issues trying to upload their tio files to our queue to get the results processed, which resulted in getting the whoops page. (And in addition, we also encountered minor issues with some processed bracket images leading to server errors.) I am happy to announce that thanks to our lovely site developer, Mouse, all of those issues have been remedied. So in other words, we tournament admins can process tournaments again! :3

Without further ado, if there were any tournaments you hosted BEFORE today that needed to be processed, you will need to REMAKE the tournament pages for your tourneys again if you want us to process results.
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and their images have been fixed as verified by our tournament administrators. Enjoy competing.
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If you have Animal Crossing: New Leaf don't forget to visit the post office to pick up the newest DLC for this month the Cancer table which will be availble from June 22 to July 22

To get the dlc go to the post office on Main Street and talk to Pelly or Phyllis and select Ask about a present
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What is your honest opinion of the smash community?  As a wifi player and lurker of this site for years, I know everyone here has a different experience than I did.

I'm also curious to know what you think of me as a person, but I don't want this blog to turn into a trend.
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In honor of the NBA draft tomorrow, I will be hosting NBA trivia for SGO V tonight at 7pm eastern in the site events chat.
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Click here to register

The summer west coast Brawl regional is here and you don't wanna miss it! Theres only one more day left to register!

If you don't want to register you can still enter...however you have to pay an additional late fee on the day of.

Click here for all the info

Aaaand if you just want to watch the stream, it will be streamed at  (A GOOD WC STREAM WAAAT!?)
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It's awful. Easily one of the worst games I've played. Even if I don't compare it to its predecessors, it was bad.

The game's gimmick's were gimmicky to a fault, and the game felt really tedious. Tilt controls and grabbing the stylus to do small tasks got tiring very fast. The whole dream world concept is more of a chore. While the 3D giant Dreamy Luigi boss battles were cool, they really felt out of place.

The main villain was dry, boring, and forgettable. I just completed the game and I already forgot what his name was. The characters were bland to just plain annoying.

If you're a fan of the Mario and Luigi RPG series, I suggest avoiding this one.
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