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watch this, we got a mr r clone
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So I signed on today to see that nearly three weeks ago I was removed from staff. Everything about it was bittersweet! I had naive hopes that I would forever be an admin on the site, giving advice on any topic I could in the Staff Forums when I signed on. Although I rarely visit the site over the last two years it's depressing to see that's no longer the case. The most disappointing part was the generic removal message I received, but I understand how time consuming cleaning staff would be if you left a heart felt personal message to every staff member only to know that it MIGHT be read. After all, I was the one who had to remove the greats, such as Cheese and Peachy, that helped build this site and community. With all that said, it wasn't the Tour of Duty badge that was the pinch that made me realize this was all real; it was the Jack of All Trades. It's almost symbolic! Like the Medal of Honor awarded to a fallen soldier.  Aside from my own custom badge the Jack of All Trades was the only badge I ever wanted! It was the badge that Neal and JV_ personally awarded to those who truly gave it their all when on the site. It was the one I didn't want to ask for, and I wanted to earn. And now that I'm officially no longer staff and I've put in my time, it seems I've earned it!

I will always cherish the memories I made on this site, as a member and as staff. I hope the transition into Smash 4 goes well so when I use Jigglypuff (which better be in 4!) I can come here like I did for Brawl! I hope this isn't goodbye, but if by some long shot I don't get into Smash again then I want to thank this site; staff and members, both former and current, for everything they've done! I've had a great time here!

Thank you!
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Brackets :

Stream : srkevo1  or

TOP 8 :


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And there are still people crying about how I'm allegedly abusing my powers to harass them. I've logged on like once this week for about 15 minutes to check for Smash 4 videos.

This is why nobody ever takes you seriously when you guys claim power abuse.
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Just interested in seeing who is going to main who.

My list:

Main: Palutena and Kirby

Secondary: Ness and Pit

Tertiary: Shulk and Yoshi

Complimentary: Bowser, Jigglypuff, Chrom, Chorus Men, Pac-Man, Mii Fighter (Gunner) and Villager.
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''Looks like we're nearing the bottom of the stash of new challenger videos that we've made...''

He specifically said new challenger videos. How would you interpret this?

Does he only mean that the remaining newcomer videos he has left to reveal are just for the remaining newcomers for Smash 4?

Or could this end up like Brawl's DOJO, and there will be more characters, new and old, revealed AFTER the game's already out in Japan, with any newcomers by that point not getting a trailer to themselves?

We'll likely have our answer in September, which wields the Japanese 3DS version, the game's first full release. Note that in each month, we get at least 1 newcomer for every 1-4 veterans.


Also, here's some more proof that Monday's newcomer will be Shulk.

If you continue to follow the Gematsu's info from there, Chrom or the Chorus Men will be announced in August, with whoever's left between those two showing up in September. It also pretty much means that these will be the last newcomers with trailers if there's still even more newcomers to appear after they do.
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Because people wanted a reminder and here's your reminded. Don't miss this chance to earn those precious points for the SGO5 ladder!
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I will forever be your biggest fan

Make me proud and prove these fools wrong that you are the true G.O.A.T

I was at this game btw #game5vsBKN
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Who we getting?
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The Livestream will be posted on Monday, July 14, at 7:00AM Pacific Time


Who is getting revealed???

Will it be Shulk? Chrom? Chorus Men? FIND OUT ON MONDAY
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does anyone take sig request?? I really want one
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I got 9999vr on Buggy-as-**** Kart 8.
Y-yay... I guess.
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