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I notice there hasn't been enough 3ds challengers for The Pokemon League on this site? Awhile back the main problem was people either dislike showdown or lack of 3ds option. Not sure if many of you know, but we now have the option to take on the 3ds or Showdown league. I was wondering why not many have participated in the league?

For those who are interested here's a link:

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Jarvitz :   (Mr.Driller)

Almo :  (Paper Mario : TTYD)

Surreal :   (Ape Escape 3/Spyro/Crash/Sly Cooper/Paper Mario)              

Shado Chimera  (Yoshi's Island)

LNIAD (Megaman6/Megaman Legends)

Demoon9:  (Wind Waker/Link between Worlds)

SSBBStuff:  (Spyro/Spyro2/Ape Escape)

Stelzig:  (Mario Sunshine)

Post if you know any.
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This is probably the last time I need help with Project M.What I did was I put the character,stage,and music hacks in the right place after the pf folder.

Example: Stage: Daigo Village(Smashville)STGVillage01,02,03,04,05.pac
Music:Brave New World(Town Hall and Tom Nook's Store)N06.brstm

And when I loaded Project M,all I saw was character textures (I only put textures over the ones that had a purple color with another purple color with was mirage) So that means my stage and music hacks didn't load with my character hacks DX!Like I side,I put my whole hack pack in the right places.ALL OF THEM!Whoever knows how to load music and stage hacks with character textures,please comment on this blog and help me.

Note:I used the music from my Brawl hack pack and have a rsbe01.gct file for Project M.I can also play online with my hack pack.

I am a Gecko user btw.

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So, sometimes when I view my profile this pops up...


And then after I press x or okay, it always changes my webpage to....


 Then even when I press x or okay, it makes me download the installer regardless of my choice....

And if you look at the bottom right of this picture, it says it's a virus, I think there is a potential virus running around on AiB or something.
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im back (if anyone even remembers me lol icon_sad...) i see lots of new faces, so i guess it's time to meet new people (:
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Tournament Chat 1

here is the team sign-up thread so you don't have to go through hell to locate it:

I don't think I'm missing anything This tournament is Double MK Legal.

As a trade-off, the stage list is a bit more tame--I have removed Delfino, Frigate and Halberd from the counter-picks list (as in, PS1 & CS are the only CPs, the "neutral" stages are the same). Have fun.

Winners and runner-ups will receive badges as usual.
People who haven't gotten the participation badge by now will receive that as well (for reasonable participation).

See you in ~5 hours
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5. Brawl - Break the Targets - Level 1 (Easy)

4. Melee - 10-man Melee

3. Melee - Break the Targets

2. SSB64 - Board the Platforms

1. Melee - Adventure

Honorable Mentions: Melee Event Match, Melee Home Run Contest, Melee Classic


5. Brawl - Break the Targets - Level 5 (Intense)

4. Brawl - 15-minute Brawl

3. Brawl - Endless Brawl

2. Brawl - Subspace Emissary

1. Brawl - Event Match

Honorable Mentions: Brawl Break the Targets Level 2 & 4, Brawl Classic
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Keeping a clear and collect mind will always lead you to victory
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5. Major Flaming

4. Spam

3. Vulgarity/Censor Dodging.

2. Trolling

1. Minor Flaming

HM : Pornography
14 comments · Leave a comment RJ got that dope music and Im trying to find this song if anyone has an idea of the name or location please inform me.
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If anyones intrested check out the stream you might even see me
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The virus is either leaked out from somewhere or the make-up of the site has some corruptions that created it. When you enter the forums or profile, you get these kind of viruses. "JS/FakeCodec". It might be harmless, it might not be. Judging by the high alert status, it's just something to watch out for. Here is an image of what I had to go through, just by entering my own profile.

Actually, if anyone could give me a report if they've encountered this virus, let me know. I don't need to be the only user to have this problem/effect.  It is confirmed, it's not just me. Contact your nearby mods if more problems arise.

Edit: The virus spread has returned, the results of this newer virus is the same, but now directing from the functions of Java? Not sure.
"" It is the same as the other JS/FakeCodec viruses. I advise everyone to scan their Laptop/PC immediantly. If you don't have an Anti-Virus software, it is recommended that you install one. 

~Additional Information:

What is JS/FakeCodec? JS/FakeCodec is a malicious software that once it is exceuted has the capability of replicating itself and infect other files and programs. These type of malware, called Viruses, can steal hard disk space and memory that slows down or completely halts your PC.

It can also corrupt or delete data, erase your hard drive, steal personal information, hijack your screen and spam your contacts to spread itself to other users. Usually, a Virus is received as an attachment on an email or instant message.JS/FakeCodec is currently ranked 107 in the world of online malware.
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Mind23xl <------ (Man, he's the best 2nd DDD player in Mexico, i wanna challenge him, lol)
PUFFY <------ (I remember her in a long time ago, lmao)
Xyro <------- (I'm late to meet him tho, just wanna meet him on AllisBrawl.)
Espy <------- (Lived in a same state as i live.)
Ook <------- (Used to be my favorite Donkey Kong player.)
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Hey guys. I need your help.

Could one of you take this sprite:

...and color it like this?

The reason I ask is because the current picture (bottom) is of very low quality and was made back when I used a computer with an outdated MS Paint program (which converted everything to lower-quality JPG), and that computer is no longer accessible by me. Anyone's help would be greatly appreciated, and I'll give credit where it's due.
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They got sigs made for me and I didn't even have to ask, how thoughtful.

My birthday was last week guys, please!
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5. Oracle of Seasons
It had an interesting gameplay with the Rod that changes the season in matter of seconds. It was my first and only GBC Zelda game.

4. Wind Waker
Big hit in the series for the change of graphics. Was fun to play, had some emotional moments, nice bosses, good soundtrack and humor. Only issue with this game is the part when you look for the pieces of the Triforce of Courage.

3. Ocarina of Time
The first 3D Zelda game. Odd but memorable bosses and sub-bosses, good music, interesting plot, great antagonist, fun to play. The mechanic of how you advance in the game is a little linear, but that's ok in this game.

2. Majora's Mask
Dawn of the Top 2. Great game, pretty dark, the darkest of the series in fact. The masks were a great addition to the item list, they are very fun to use. Very low amount of bosses, not a big deal though. Time paradox thanks to the Ocarina of Hax, which was a nice touch. Its focused in doing quests and some of them were really good, like the ones at the ranch, Kafei's, the mummies, etc. Great Bay Temple for me was tied with Woodfall as the esiest dungeons in the game, while Snowhead and Stone Tower are tied as the hardest.

1. Twilight Princess
Amazing. Good touch with the change of colors, everything including Link himself is darker than usual. Great set of bosses and new characters like Midna, Wolf Link and Zant. Good plot, list of items, soundtrack and gameplay (Specially on the Wii). You meet Ganondorf at the very end of the game and he's in his throne looking at you like a boss, then has a 4 phases battle against you (Counting the phase he fights Midna). 

Last question, which of the Zelda games have you play it?
Me? well:

The Adventure of Link
Ocarina of Time
Majora's Mask
Oracle of Seasons
Oracle of Ages
Four Swords [25th Anniversary Edition]
Wind Waker
Four Swords Adventures
Twilight Princess
A Link Between Worlds
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without someone taking it personal and crying to a power-abusing mod?

Have I been gone so long that things on this site have just gone to hell and back? How many underage/immature users are even on here now? Jeeeesus Christ.

I love you, Hamek, let's have babies.
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