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You can actually type in and get a forbidden access page :I
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(Was going to post this as a forum thread to avoid disturbance, but they're down so i'm putting it here for now)


For those of you who don't know, when Swapnote still had Spotpass I would release a weekly series of stories called Falcon's Pointless Stories which were somehow popular. When Spotpass died I promised the fans that I would post stories elsewhere; however, I put this on the side.

Now I am bringing them back in "Falcon's Pointless Stories: Rebooted", this series will feature 30 more short stories. Seeing as how time went by since the last series I have met more people to roas... I mean write about. Here is some more info for anyone interested whether they read the previous stories or not:

-Each story has a different main character. Main characters will not be repeated from the past series or through-out this series.

-Falcon, Believe, Will, and Fernando will still appear through-out the series as secondary characters for each story.

-Due to the fact I am not working with Swapnote's strict ink limit the stories will be slightly longer, yet they will not become ridiculously long.

-Prepare yourself. These stories have been ridiculously stupid in the past and will reach even higher points of stupidity in this season.

-Only a narrator talks, the characters do not have specific dialogue.

-Stories are going to be posted randomly. If anyone has questions or comments feel free to say something if not that'll be all for now.

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So, I was thinking... honestly, every Smash 4 character has no intimidating presence. No one looks cool either! In Brawl, we got MK, Snake, Wolf... but why are we leaving Smash 4 so barren? icon_sad

So, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you:

*thought up by OG Pac-Man
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It's only for another 46 hours, so get them while you can.  Gameplay for 1 & 2 are kinda booty but the music and art and story in all of them are godlike.

YS 1 & 2 Chronicles $3.74

YS: The Oath in Felghana $3.74

YS: Origin $4.99

I might do a giveaway later on today or tomorrow for these, I just have to decide how I'll do it first.
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kThx That's all
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Is it practical?
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was having this discussion with a friend. He put forth Orange is the New Black and as much as i love regina spektor no one likes themes whose run-times are a minute+. But there's also soo many tv shows that you can list your top 3!

1. the all time favorite
2. the runner up
3. the nostalgia vote

for me my top three in order would be House MD, NCIS, and then Full House

for the sake of originality The Fresh Prince of Bel Air is disqualified. Anime is fine.
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I'm not sure if anyone remembers these videos back in the day when I used to make them, but I made one last video as a final hurrah to WiFi. 

I really want to keep doing more when Smash 4 comes out and I'm hoping the site becomes active again like it was back in 08, 09. icon_sad

Welp! I'm rambling on so here you go!
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Sorry everyone that I am unable to keep up with mod responsibilities, and honestly I have not been doing much of any mod responsibilities for a while now. Ever since getting very sick my attention to this site has been on the decline, and looking back at my activity I am very sorry I tried to keep up doing anything, everything I wrote has a tinge of that mycotoxin poisoning where I had very limited memory, focus, and cognition.
With my recovery I feel like a different person and have slowly been regaining my health, and thus any work I can do (enjoying gardening this summer).

Unfortunately I still do not own much of anything and no computer/internet access that I can reliably do anything with so I will take my time focusing on recovery (you must recover!). Maybe at some point I will reapply for my mod position and see what more I can do for the community.

With the new game coming out I'd like to help with any design work needed for the site and some more suggestions about where things can go. Who knows. Either way I am sure you're all going to have fun welcoming in a new Smash era!

Take care.
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I'll give it away if you go out with me.
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This blog has been locked by a moderator.
got em to call nintendo and ask someone to connect him to the new servers. i tried helping him for real afterwards but well... least he was a good sport. inb4 i get banned.

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Germany gg. Please take it easy on Argentina in the finals. World Cup
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Congratulations to everyone that participated in this contest! After viewing all the wonderful profiles showing their 'Murican spirit, here are the results:

First Place: Celestial Princess 

Second Place: Senobekim

Third Place: Ryuuko

Good job to the runners ups who gave it their best shot!
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Today I had a plan to make an awesome stage, but it turned out that there is't enough space. I ended up searching the internet for a way to  to add more space, but itstead I found a way to add unlimited space.

You can make a stage for Super smash bros brawl on your PC. You can overlap, and use as many blocks as you want.

NOTE: Overlapping or adding to many blocks, will cause the stage to become laggy. So make sure there isn't too much on your stage.

I downloaded it and tried it out. Here is the download link. Just press the big red button below.


It's called stage studio. To use any stages you make you need to have an SD card 2GB or higher. You put the stage in your SD card in a the
folder call st.

Like this, Private/wii/RSBP/st
Make sure private is at the root of the SD.

I hope this helps anyone who makes stages or want to mess with the stages. Have fun.
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Apparently you can SDI?

Many people says you can't, so I'm just asking is this possible?
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I dont know about you, but im glad to see zelda series trying something different. This game looks like it should be alot of fun lol
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C'mon guys there's 25 more days to GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
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I am not sure how many are aware but a fancy pattern Vivillon is being given out to commemorate 100 million wonder trades. They are obtained via the internet option on mystery gift.
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No logout box and alert notifications is freaking me out man.
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Nintendo eShop is currently undergoing maintenance.

I can't even buy it yet. I could have started hours ago if I had just bought the cartridge like normal. And people actually say that this is supposed to be more convenient...
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