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Keeping it no more than one game per series

10. Okami
9. Animal Crossing: New Leaf
8. Mario & Luigi: Super Star Saga
7. Pokemon Emerald
6. Elder Scroll V: Skyrim
5. Tales of Symphonia GCN
4. Banjo Kazooie
3. LoZ: Majora's Mask
2. Paper mario 64
1. Xenoblade Chronicles
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Just wondering how everyone is on this topic..

^ i dont mind it but when ppl are cybering back and forth its a problem >~>

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I need a new character or maybe a true secondary to use. Someone thats easy to learn and annoys the *** out of people and if someone could help me with that character Ive been leaning torwards these 3 ....Peach Ike and snake any thoughts.
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Not including Nes,Snes and Gen games, they would fill the whole list free.

10. Dark Souls 2

Easier than the first, but the combat was more fleshed out, making PVP a lot better.

9.Ni No Kuni : Wrath of the White Witch

Loads of content, and a great story.

8. Puyo Puyo X Tetris

I suck at Tetris, but I love Puyo Pop. Has online and Puyo pop X Tetris game modes. Gets really hype

7. Mario 3D World

seriously one of the best Mario platformers in a long time

6. Kirby : Air Ride

You already know

5. Mario Party 2

Has some of my favorite minigames, including Day at The Races

4. Skies of Arcadia

Pretty long game, had tons of people to gather and the ship battles were cool.

3. Legend of Dragoon

I end up telling anyone I know to buy this game, my favorite PS1 RPG.

2. Mario Superstar Baseball

Favorite sports Mario game, lots of variety

1. PSO : E1&2+

Favorite game of all time, had over 2000 hours combined from 8 different characters on 2 memory cards.
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brawl dubz tourney at 6pm central on

be there or **** milky
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I know I've made a blog like this before... but I'll make it again since it's been a while since I've made a list like this.  I really don't think anyone's gonna read this, but if you want to it's here.

10)   Kirby 64:  The Crystal Shards

This game is awfully short but it's really dear to my heart.  It was like a virtual kids book to me (Same with Paper Mario).  I really like to play this whenever I get the chance.  It's really my favorite kirby game ever.  

9)  Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies (3DS)

I'm a huge fan of the Phoenix Wright games.  And ever since Apollo Justice has been out, I haven't been really comfortable with them because the style of the games keep changing.  But at least AJ was in 2D.  This game is in 2.5D.  It's REALLY different.  This game changes pace differently than the others did.  Instead of playing as just one or two attorneys, you play as THREE.  Plus this game has animated cutscenes in it which made the game feel better for me.  The first couple of cases felt really easy and almost disappointing for a new PW game.  The only thing I thought was "This is the best they can do after 4 games?  Is this series starting to die?"  But then cases 3 and 4 happened and they're the reason this is on the top 10 list.  This is the best PW game that's been made period.  

8)  Final Fantasy VII (PSN)

I really picked this game out because I had one question in mind:  Is this game a masterpiece like the fans say or is it really overhyped by the fanboys?  So when I got the game and firsthand experience, I was really glad that it turned out to be the former instead.  Final Fantasy VII has a lot of really well thought out RPG elements for its time and I love how much the writers got away with everything.  The cursing, the sex scenes, the really intimidating scenes with Sephiroth.  I'm not in love with this game, but I found it to be my favorite Final Fantasy that I've played thus far.  And I've only played I (**** this game), VI (Didn't finish it), VII, X (Didn't play more than 30 minutes), and all of XIII.

7)  Catherine (PS3)

This game wasn't just about puzzles and climbing steps in a nightmare.  It was mainly about figuring out more about how you feel about dating and being committed in a relationship.  Sure, a lot of its elements were a bit far fetched, but it's a great game about making decisions and reflecting upon those decisions when you reach the end and watch the ending.  I liked this game so much that I couldn't just settle for one ending, so I tried to get all 8 (The best I could do was 7 before my game got stolen).  Most of my time was spent playing Babylon and Rapunzel (**** this game).  I have a lot of great memories with this game and I'm really glad I bought it because it helped me think about myself.

6)  Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

You honestly need to play this game with more people to get the best experience with it.  The more people the better.  It's literally my favorite Co-Op game besides Little Big Planet.  The reason for that is because everyone has a job.  You have to have a mage, a healer, a fighter, and a donkey (the one who carries the chalice).  Depending on how many people you play with, the you might have to take on more roles than you want to.  If you have more people, you can divide the jobs evenly and usually there are no conflicts with it.  The game's even better when each family has a different trade.  Because you take all your weapons to one family, all your crafting to another, etc.  Honestly, if you've played this game by yourself, you're missing out.

5)  The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim (PS3)

It's hard for me to explain why I like this game.  I love the free roam aspect and the freedom to control your quests and skill mastery (Unlike every single Zelda game made except the first one).  For me, Skyrim is a great way to kick back and relax after a long day.  It hasn't gotten boring yet.  I don't have strong feelings towards this game, so theoretically, it should be lower, but it can't be too low, because I play it really frequently.

4)  Paper Mario (N64)

This is by far the best Mario RPG that's ever hit the market hands down.  I have so many reasons why I like this one better than the SNES game, but none of that's important.  The biggest reason that separates this game apart from most "Save the princess" games is that you lose the very first fight and spend the rest of the game getting stronger so you can save her.  You travel all over the world and meet all the characters that will aid you in your quest (and they're all pretty cool).  You get upgrades and badges that really make mario ridiculously powerful.  I love all the chapters so much (Except 6.  **** Chapter 6), that I could make a top 8 list for it.  Obviously Chapter 7 is the best because of this song.  If you have not played Paper Mario and you're a fan of both the mario franchise and RPGs, you need to do so ASAP.

On a side note, I do speedrun this game every week.  I don't stream it, but once I get a capture card I will start streaming.

3)  Fire Emblem Awakening

I was really skeptical about the 3DS when I saw it.  I have a really bad history with the DS and I never wanted another one.  But then this game was announced to come on the 3DS and once I saw it my reaction was pretty much this.  I bought the Fire Emblem Bundle on eBay and I fell in love with everything about it.  The story, the conversations between the characters, the battle sequences, the random luck factor.  I love having moments where you think a character is ****ed and they suddenly whip out a crit saving their life and completing the level.  It's super satisfying.  Overall, this game was a must for me and I don't know how I could have survived school without it.

2)  Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

I have too many memories with this game.  So many in fact that I was completely blinded by some of the flaws that this game had.  Sure, the story and all the missions were super legit, but the only reason I love this game so much was because I got to grow up with my chao.  Literally.  Some of my chao are about 4 years old by now.  This game is one of the best Sonic games that I've ever played.  And it's the only one besides Sonic 3 & Knuckles that I will play.

1)  Kingdom Hearts II

Kingdom Hearts took up more of my childhood than I really thought.  I played this one more than the first one (Even after I got 1.5 HD remix).  I'm really looking forward to 2.5 HD remix when that comes out because I get to play the complete game.  The game that I've waited so many years to play.  Until then, I really don't know what to say.


This is my 3rd time trying to make this blog too.  Because this window keeps getting closed and everything I write ends up getting lost :l
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And the camera cut my head off slightly, trust me I have both halves of my face intact T_T
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There are a lot of members online, but not many are interested in the forums. I think the site needs a new theme as much as a new name.

For the profiles, you (mods of the site making the updates and such) can try to spice things up! Don't be like Nintendo by throwing something away just to replace it with something similar. I was thinking you staff members of the site can try something new. Example: A random character(s) background over the blank part of the page on the sides. By background, I mean an image completely in sync with the color of the skin. If it's Mario, Mario Kart or Smash 4, Link, Ganondorf on the right facing left, Link on the left facing right as if they could ingage in battle at any second.

As for the forums, it needs more than just words and letters placed on a page. It needs pictures to add more interest in that thread. Smash 4 discussion can have a Smashball on the left with smash 4 characters on the that page. The suggestion thread can have a lightbulb, or explaination mark like Solid Snakes.

Add a green skin too. I don't get why there hasn't been one made already. There are three teams, Red, Blue and Green. I like how there are more than three skins, but a little more than that would make things a lot better.
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Now just search for your favourate singer, and have faith.

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gimme ur thoughts n biebs dabess c:
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Whats the fastest way to get jacked AiB?
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who is aibs best/worst mod????

btw no mods comment on here especially milky/popuri****get who changes name*
only gog can comment and maybe some other awesome mods
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As you see from the title, most of AiB HATES the poor practice of the English language. I think we should change this, 1 step at a time.
I found a website that i think can start this process. here are the screenshots.

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red wine and sleeping pills help me get back to your arms
cheap cigs and sad films help me get where i belong

i think you're crazy, baby
i think you're crazy, baby

stop sendin' me letters
letters always get burned
it's not like the movies
they fed us all a little white lie

i think you're crazy, baby
i think you're crazy, baby

i will see you in the next life
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Post pics of your pets if you want.

I have 1 Chihuahua.
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The "actually a dude" badge supporting the outdated, archaic belief that you need a vagina to be a girl
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OK, so as you know Nintendodojo will be our new site soon and now so that were all on the same page, I think it's time to decide on a proper acronym for the new site.

Pick a number

1. NDJ

2. NiDo

3. NDojo

4. come up with your own name and suggest it in the comments
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