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SURF'S UP: The Mezie fanclub

Description: Mezie. God of the seven seas, certified pimp, and a true gentleman; He is well known for his ability to pick up any woman he wants within a 100 mile radius, just by capturing them with the waves in his hair. Mezie's scalp is also known to be one of the best surf sights on Earth. However, be careful. You do not want to make this divine man angry, for he will do to you what he did to New Orleans. He's also a master at spelling and grammar.

I wish I was as cool as Mezie.
Category: Social » Hangout
Created: November 17, 2010
Members: 9

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Saga wrote at 12:40 AM on Aug 11, 2014 :
no you're not
J-mezie wrote at 12:22 AM on Aug 08, 2011 :
im back lol