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Hayao Miyazaki's Amazing Movies Fan Club!

Description: This is a Club for all of you ppl who Love Hayao Miyazaki's Movies!
They are by far the best Family animated movies ever made! They're filled with Love, Magic and Adventure!
Hayao Miyazaki has been making the best movies ever for years! And they continue being Number one!
I've been loving them for so long! Everytime he makes a new one, I just absolutely love it!

Anyways, This is a group for those of you who love Hayao Miyazaki's Movies!
Feel Free To Join! And Share with your friends! x3
Category: General
Created: January 25, 2011
Members: 7


1- Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind {1984}

2- Laputa: The Castle in the Sky {1986}

3- My Neighbor Totoro {1988}

4- Kiki's Delivery Service {1989}

5- Porco Rosso {1992}

6- Sora Iro no Tane [TV spot] {1992}

7- Nandarou [TV spot] {1992}

8- On Your Mark [Music film] {1995}

9- Princess Mononoke {1997}

10- Kujira Tori {2001}

11- Spirited Away {2001}

12- Mei and the Kitten Bus {2002}

13- Koro no dai-sanpo {2002}

14- Howl's Moving Castle {2004}

15- Yadosagashi {2006}

16- Mizugumo monmon {2006}

17- Hoshi wo katta hi {2006}

18- Ponyo On A Cliff {2008}

19- Porco Rosso: The Last Sortie {This Is A Movie In The Making, And It Has Not Been Released Yet!} {2012}