Alabama Smash League

Description: The Alabama Smash League is a never-before-seen collaboration of the 5 major tournament series in AL. The tournament organizers in Alabama are committed to promoting a friendly, competitive, and accessible Smash scene for current and new players. We love the community, and we are just doing our part to help it grow. Read on to see how this could save YOU $100 in tournament costs.

For $25, members get into Brawl singles at all 5 tournaments for free, and they have their venue fees waived. After 2 tournaments alone, you could save $25. After 5 tournaments, you save $100. It's the deal of a lifetime, offered by the T.O.s that you have always known and trusted. We aren't some business out to make money. We are active members of the Brawl community like you.

To sweeten the deal, those who sign up before October 22nd will get free pizza and drinks at every tournament they attend.
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Created: August 07, 2011
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There are a few ways to sign up.

1) To sign up and pay online, go here:

^ Fill out the first form, then hit the "buy now" button at the bottom to pay the membership fee of $25.

2) If you prefer to sign up in person, you can come to the August 13th Geeks and Gamers tournament in Montgomery where we will have a pre-registration table set up. More info here:

3) If you want to mail in the money instead of using a card, use this form:

4) Finally, you can sign up at any of the events; however, only those who sign up before the season starts will get free pizza and drinks.

Cam_ wrote at 9:35 PM on Aug 30, 2011 :
MK is banned at all ASL tournaments.