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Low/Mid Tier Crew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Description: Everyone who plays a low or mid tier character join!!! This must be a very big group!!!
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Created: July 07, 2008
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Invite EVERYONE who MAINS low/mid tier!!!!!!!!!!

Alpha the Wolf wrote at 11:58 AM on Jul 15, 2013 :
That pic lol
DaToonMassacreHyLeN wrote at 11:48 PM on Jun 17, 2012 :
metaknight is and always will be... GAY!!!
GoldenYoshiKing wrote at 10:02 PM on Nov 23, 2011 :
Seriously MK helps your reaction guys or girls.Why do u think european are so much techer than u guys?
Luigisama wrote at 8:17 AM on Nov 10, 2011 :
Luigi and a little of mario. Shamwows shall be given for free by me at apex.
Galeking wrote at 12:22 PM on Aug 05, 2011 :
I use a lot of characters (even Meta-Knight), but my mains are mostly low-tiers.