You can't kill me because I know how to tech!

Description: This group is for people who just can't die because they are so good at teching! Don't worry, even smash newcommers can join just to learn how to tech, and live the evil Donkey Kong's Wall throw, or maybe accidently being hit by Falcon/Ganon's UpB. We all can live forever in smash!
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Created: August 06, 2008
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SFA Zan wrote at 9:45 PM on Dec 31, 2011 :
i tech'd a sacred combo under fd, wall jumped and knee'd the other falcon.
I do believe i've won at that point.
Galeking wrote at 10:02 AM on Sep 09, 2011 :
I was Snake and I was against a Kirby player on Shadow Moses. Here comes the Sudden Death. After a little while, the Kirby managed to U-Smash me. I managed to tech one of the walls just below the upper blast-line, only to see the Kirby screaming "HAAAAIII" (thinking he won), then a Bobomb fell on him and got sent flying, with me winning the Brawl.

Never scream victory too soon !