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i just wanna mindgamez you

Description: Join this group if you love the misery you see in peoples eyes when you make them do something stupid because of your awesome mindgames. It doesnt matter what you do, and what happens, all that matters is that you messed with their minds (for a while).
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Created: August 16, 2008
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that dedede is coughing, not using his final smash.

Omega Tyrant wrote at 12:51 PM on Oct 15, 2011 :
Nice story you got there Anthony :p
Anthony1996 wrote at 1:41 AM on Oct 15, 2011 :
It hit him too and I won, so yeah.
Anthony1996 wrote at 1:39 AM on Oct 15, 2011 :
Sometimes, or perhaps most of the time, I don't even realize when I mindgame someone. To me, it just seems like the right choice to do that anyone with half a brain cell would do, like this one match, where I, Pit, was fighting this Falco on Frigate, we were both at kill percents on the last stock, we trade hits, I just run up to the Falco, then, because a throw obviously wouldn't kill him, I instead just cancel the dash with a block and down smash. Me blocking caused the Falco to spot-dodge, most likely because he thought I was gonna grab him, but I didn't grab him, because I just wanted to kill that *******, and throwing him would just put him off-stage and not kill him, and I suck at edgeguarding, so I didn't want that to happen, so I just down smashed, which he most likely didn't see coming get it.