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What are you most excited about Super Smash Flash 2?
It has more characters (16)
It has more stages (0)
It has a stage builder (1)
Its online capable (11)
It might be Wii playable (6)
It has Expansion Characters (3)
The Gameplay is alot better (8)
The Graphics are better (1)
It has its own story mode (The Flash of Shadows) (1)
I like everything about it (13)
I like Super Smash Flash 1 better (4)


Super Smash Flash 2

Description: A guy called Cleod9 who is making a Super Smash Bros. Flash game to the succsesful previous game. This game is going to be big... Really Big. This is to the Super Smash Flash series... Greatest Flash game series of all time.
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Created: October 25, 2008
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