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Dyz69 speeches

Description: They make me cry ;_;
Heres one of them

(a quote introducing members into his clan)
"i am the Leader of the Dark Virus and also your mentor
please do not see me as a high priority i am only but your Friend your Comrade in Battle
and as your Brother in times of help,
for those who know me they realise the kind of person i am for those who do not or the newcomers
this is what i am a gentle person whith an idea of a world filled with respect and nobility
i am one that wishes to help those in need, those who have trouble facing their greates enemy
i want to be a light to help you trough in leaving that tunnel of darkness

The Dark Virus is not a parasite, its not a Disease, its a Bond of strenght one that unites us as a family
so here we stand together and my goal is to spread our name to show them that Never Giving Up! is one idea
many should take come and join us in this battle Join our Family!"

my name is Dyz and we are the Dark Virus Clan! Welcome to your new Home ^_^
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Created: December 07, 2008
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