smashville is the best stage

Description: it is...... and u know it
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Created: January 19, 2009
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BKW wrote at 7:57 PM on Feb 19, 2013 :
-Randum- wrote at 11:39 PM on Sep 11, 2011 :
Vestige wrote at 12:27 AM on Apr 12, 2012 :
smashville > all
Hakai wrote at 9:33 AM on Jan 05, 2012 :
thats right,Smashville is the best stage
DiebeNacht wrote at 1:00 PM on Dec 11, 2011 :
i like this stage because the edges are more friendly than FD. i also like the music way more.

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-Randum- wrote at 11:39 PM on Sep 11, 2011 :