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Who is you're favorite tag team/stable of all time?
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A-RY or The Miz
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What do you think about the "Vote of Confidence"
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AcheronXComplex wrote at 5:52 AM on May 27, 2013 :
No Punk, no watch!

Seriously, you all ought to watch ROH - it's much better.
LightStar wrote at 6:45 PM on Apr 07, 2013 :
CM Punk bess in the world!!!
GOG wrote at 1:27 AM on Feb 04, 2013 :
Ada Wong wrote at 7:17 AM on Jun 06, 2012 :
DX = we got 2 words for ya =s
Gardy wrote at 11:13 PM on May 28, 2012 :
Seeing Big Show so dominant again leaves a warm feeling in my heart.
Also, complete B.S. on the suspension of Chris Jericho...
GOG wrote at 11:36 AM on May 13, 2012 :
GOG wrote at 10:41 PM on May 12, 2012 :
Xain wrote at 10:53 PM on May 05, 2012 :
i hate to point out that in the current pole you forgot Edge and Christian D:
caseythemofobloood wrote at 7:34 PM on Apr 15, 2012 :
Came here to post

GOG wrote at 2:09 PM on Apr 09, 2012 :
All-Time Oregon Best Viviff wrote at 11:41 PM on Feb 22, 2012 :
Never thought I'd see the day where Khali took an RKO better than someone
GOG wrote at 11:36 PM on Feb 22, 2012 :
http://i42.tinypic.com/2j5gt5h.gif <<< Botch K O
http://i.imgur.com/e4Dcb.gif <<< Much better!
-zac- wrote at 12:42 AM on Jan 31, 2012 :
Best intercontinental champ there is
_z- wrote at 12:28 AM on Jan 31, 2012 :
*long time
_z- wrote at 12:27 AM on Jan 31, 2012 :
I haven't watched this in a long while, since the show is a hour later. Even though daylight savings time dosen't affect me
Gardy wrote at 9:59 PM on Jan 30, 2012 :
Did NOT see Shamus winning the Rumble, but I dig the announcement of the Elimination Chamber feat. Jericho (yet another bet I would have lost)
White Kyurem wrote at 4:42 AM on Jan 09, 2012 :
*heel* My bad...
White Kyurem wrote at 4:41 AM on Jan 09, 2012 :
@Commie: True about the changes. And the Punk-Jericho feud plan is real. Chris Jericho posted a storyline-based Tweet about Punk making a reference about him, where he said he didn't give a s*** about the event. Only actual clue, though. And the RVD thing? Not happening. Same with Cena's herl turn.
Gardy wrote at 4:04 AM on Jan 08, 2012 :
I'm surprised that they haven't even started any Royal Rumble hype yet. That's usually all that they talk about once the New Year has come.
I would bet money on Jericho winning the Rumble with his return and this "planned" match for him vs. Punk at Wrestlemania, but I'm not the betting type @_@
AcheronXComplex wrote at 11:22 PM on Jan 04, 2012 :
WWE changes plans at the last minute frequently, especially recently. Punk vs Jericho is planned for Wrestlemania, but there's not a single trace of evidence yet in the current storyline, lol. Therefore, it's hardly "factual" yet.

And I've heard the RVD rumor, too. 2012 will be a year of returns...and "possibly" a Cena heel-turn. Please, God!?