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Eastern Washington Smash Club
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Created: May 16, 2008
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Official Washington SSBB Ruleset
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Washington Stages
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Any extra wiis in spokane?
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May 20, 2008 Updates - New Tournament Listings Layout. ^^
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Upcoming Events:
  • GC Monday Smash Fests
    Every Monday we do a $2 Entry Smash Fest at GC
    Next Event: EVERY MONDAY.
    Location: Lynnwood, WA.

    Upcoming Tourneys:
  • Monthly Game Clucks Tournaments!
    The biggest and baddest regular WA tournament around!
    Next tournament: Jan 9th 2010.
    Location: Lynnwood, WA.
    Events: Brawl Doubles and Singles. (Possibly Melee.)
    Entry Fee: $10 per person per event.
    Series Home Page
  • EWU ??
    EaWa's Monthly Tournament
    Date: TBD - GC Guy may have to take EaWa over.
    Location: Spokane or Tri-Cities
    Events: Brawl and Melee
    Entry Fee: TBD
    More details.
  • TourneyPlay.net #4 - SSBB/M, MW2, Halo3
    Huge Multi Game tournament in Washington
    Date: Feb 12th - 14th 2010.
    Location: Seattle WA
    Events: Brawl/Melee1v1 and 2v2, MW2 4v4, Halo3 4v4 MLG Obj
    Entry Fee: (Approx) $15 Venue + $20 per event. Halo3 is $120/Team

  • Jamnt0ast wrote at 5:10 PM on Jan 20, 2013 :
    Alright kids I know this group is out of date, buying hosting a tourney next Sunday.
    Idaho is carpooling, Oregon's finest will be here, and we'd love to see a WWA carpool make it for a PacNW showdown!
    Go to my profile for more info
    KiraFlax wrote at 4:18 AM on Jan 24, 2012 :
    http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=317239 , http://www.facebook.com/events/203920806370256/ Mike Haze's regional will be on the 25th of feb and you guys should come. Most of AZ's PR is going and It would be great to see you guys there and then even get a crew battle AZ vs. WA Also Las vegas will be going and we are also trying to get norcal and Oregon to go as well. with Arizona, Nevada, and socal already confirmed this tourney is going to be hyped beyond belief if you guys set things up to come out here.