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Description: The official social group for people that use p.i.'s Faux Finder.
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There will be Tournaments held exclusively for those who spends their time on Faux Finder icon_smile
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Created: April 20, 2009
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Here is the link to the Faux Finder:

It's a really good Friend Finder, use it if you want an easy time finding online brawls! The people there are really nice, don't be shy. :D We need more brawlers attending the Faux Finder, please join!

Here is p.i.'s thread explaining the Faux Finder and how to use it.

Read if you are confused about it, or ask questions there. Heck, try submitting ideas to improve the Faux Finder, cuz it's always being updated. :) Be creative!

Currently working on a list that explains all the best user for each main that use the Faux Finder often. (Strictly only Faux Finder users) Help out at the Faux Finder or here. Please remember that this is just a friendly thing, don't get greedy or competitive with any specific placements..... This is just for fun. FireKirby will be updating it regularly! Found at:

Huge thumbs up to p.i. for making this wonderful device XD

~~~~~ Tournament History ~~~~~

05/8/09 - Faux Fighters 01 ~Singles~ [Zerxion]

5/22/09-6/8/09 - Faux Fighters 02 ~Singles~: [Yasha]

Pending - Faux Fighters 03 ~Doubles~ [Currently taking Entries]