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Panda Kill

Description: i could say that joining Panda Kill would make all your dreams come true, but its already known. Panda Kill provides a way for smashers to get in touch with other smashers to become even better. through training or through sharing strategies. this group is for the best who lol at others
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Created: May 05, 2009
Members: 14

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What should we do to make Panda Kill's site better?
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How should we advertise?
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worst way to die
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R2D2 wrote at 8:40 PM on Mar 20, 2012 :
executer, you're a fool
Executer wrote at 1:49 PM on Feb 17, 2012 :
THERE WERENT ANY VALENTINES DAY PROMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS MUTINY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Executer wrote at 12:06 AM on Oct 13, 2011 :
R2, this beef guy, his pic, how he rights, and just plainly his name scare me, if you know what i mean, inside joke...
Executer wrote at 12:04 AM on Oct 13, 2011 :
And then there were none...
Executer wrote at 12:02 AM on Oct 13, 2011 :
Zero Suit SPAMUS is the besy, just hold L and R when in character select as Samus then start off spamming with body parts then murder withside hold B and UP C stick, then, there is no competition with spme pfthe people i play, loto, what, i didnt say anything...
Executer wrote at 11:59 PM on Oct 12, 2011 :
R2D2 wrote at 11:03 PM on Sep 05, 2011 :
Needs more activity